Your environment plays a huge role in your success!

Your environment (immediate family, friends, household, workplace & romantic partnerships) all play a role in how we obtain success. The mind needs to be fed hope, courage, abundance, and happiness constantly. It needs to be challenged to learn & grow. But are you in the correct environment to activate your takeoff, journey, and desired achievement?

Very often we ( the rebels who decided to return to African spirituality as opposed to religion, the entrepreneur who decided struggling with a 9 to 5 was a NO, NO; the "black sheep" who finally had the strength to speak on the curses no one in the family speak about!) have the tenacity to get it done, but the "life" around us presents challenges that make along the way almost unbearable.

You find yourself battling with the ones you love. Your fighting against family & friend values that are unhealthy, repetitively harmful with no benefits of aiding you in your overall growth. It's like day after day you are literally at war with the minds of people who cannot see your "bigger picture".

Maybe it's the lack of support, rather financial or emotional, maybe it's the fear from others laid heavily upon us... Or even, the biggest hurdle of all, (especially for the Black Family) THE GENERATIONAL CURSES, of never having anything!

Whatever it is, it's negatively affecting our journey's!

A lot of us grew up poor. No money in the family, living in government housing, never, ever having enough. So our minds have become programmed to believe "this is the norm"! Our family and friends minds have been programmed to believe, "this is the norm"! And now here you are trying to change what's been the norm... It's hard honey, I know.

That's why it's imperative for us to change our environment as best we can. And yes, I mean CHANGE IT DRASTICALLY! This means not hanging around your negative ass "friend", mama, daddy, cousin, boyfriend/girlfriend (throw the whole partner away). CHANGE as much as you can to ensure your life will be different. And the lives of your children if you have any or plan on having any!

Easier said than done, but is your destiny, how you end up, where you live, how you think, what you wear, what business you start, what God you praise, your happiness in totality, not worthy? Not valuable? Doesn't matter?

We must let go of the idea, that because this is my family, my best friend, my husband/my wife, my dog since high school, my who ever, it's ok to project negative mindsets upon you. That it's ok to be put down because you decide to go a different route.

Positioning yourself for greatness means taking extreme measures to block out doubt & hopelessness. To purposely create a peaceful, positive, and happy human existence as much as possible. The purpose set fourth for us has nothing to do with anyone else. But only US! And if your environment isn't nourishing you, watering you, loving you, but only fighting against you, hindering you, limiting you and just not supporting you fully...

CHANGE THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU, if you cannot change the people around you! My biggest obstacle on my own journey as a woman, daughter, mother, entrepreneur and business owner has been my family. My very immediate family. Folk not inner-standing me. Folk speaking against me, doubting me, or even sitting back watching me struggle without no offering of help. Real help.

I'm breaking chains, and routines and I'm going against the grain and setting a new tone for my children, and their children.

It takes balls ( and I have none, lol but you get my drift) to no longer want to stay stuck. To say "FUCK THIS BULL CRAP", I'm taking ownership of my life. I battle my parents projected thoughts, fears, fuck ups, and illegitimate excuses. And ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I will no longer be an object to sit these negative mindsets upon. My life depends on it. My children lives depends on it, and your life depends on it... You must create the space you need to execute your goals.

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