Updated: Jan 16, 2019

OMG! These colored lipglosses by #FEMMECOUTURE are so bomb dot com! Not only do they smell nice and moisturize your lips, these cute lip colors come in #cosmetic tubes shaped like #winebottles!

March 1st I started my #FREE #beauty product #giveaway using these cuties! Femme Couture showed up and showed out when they created #lippaints mimicking the names of your favorite #redwines. My go to #wine #lippie is the one titled “#Merlot”. The color compliments almost any outfit and that #rosey #gloss matches my skin complexion well. Followed by Merlot is “#Rose’” which is a #powderpink color and lastly is “#Chardonnay”, this one has a slight #metallic #shimmer and is an awesome #datenight lip look. The ultimate trio is bottled up uncorked, and I’m ready to pop the top and give them away!

To win this #freebie by #boojiBEE you must first LIKE 👍🏾 my #Facebook page @ , next you want to share my pinned post to your page, the one detailing the #Freeproductgiveaway (the first post at the top of the page with me in the video). Lastly, tag a friend or family member to that same post and wa’la your done! Winner will be announced via email & my social media outlets. The prize will be mailed within 5 days of announcement through USPS.

GETSTUNG and let’s toast to you winning some amazing must-have liquid lippies!

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