White Boots!

Yes I’m dedicating this entire blog to these bad ass Cape Robbins White boots I came across & could not resist!

Not sure where I’m wearing them too, but I had to share them with you guys!

Let’s just start with the length of the “leg“. OMG sis, they hit them thighs like “pow” lol! You can rock a mini skirt or a cute jean skirt paired with a white clutch.


Or maybe even rocking all white, white bottoms with a white top when you feeling godly!

They fire, so whatever I (We) choose to rock with them has to allow all attention to be put on the #whiteboots.

Now, I don’t shop to often. It’s been a long time since I’ve been a huge “fashionista”. Being single for a while & raising children while investing in myself lessens my chances of this more & more (lol). But, in due time I’ll be able to show the more “stylish“ side of me!

Every since I was a little girl I’ve loved fashion, makeup & nails. Wearing my auntie Robin heels, sneaking in my grandmothers #FashionFair cosmetics & being really intrigued with how you can just “dress up”! Til this day, that still resonates with me.

I read in a blog the other day, about how a woman who grew up poor and learned from her mother that, you should buy yourself something with every paycheck you get. Rather it’s as small as a pair of earrings, treat yourself to it. Nothing is more frustrating than to work & work & work & never buy yourself anything.

Although, these are just boots to many, they are a sign of a “treat“ to myself. I work hard as an entrepreneur & mom (in my opinion) so every now & then I’d like to not feel guilty about treating myself.

Often I’m paying bills or handling expenses and investing more into myself, that I rarely go shopping, out on the town or even a darn date!

Now, I am inspired too!

And although things are financially tight due to a greater goal for my family, I will be buying myself more things & treating myself & my children more.

As always, thanks for reading my blog! I’m happy to share with you such moments. I know sometimes transparency can backfire & become a negative, but I’m comfortable & real enough to accept all consequences related to being as authentic as possible.

As I grow in womanhood, motherhood, and entrepreneurship, you will see me change, grow, be reserve, be open and you’ll witness all this within my writings.

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