What the beauty industry did to me...

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

The beauty industry is not all glitter and curls! It can turn you into a savage. And for most of us, being just that is what we need.

As we all would like to be taught the game, liked, patronized, and supported by many, the ugly truth is, we won’t! This is a very creative field. And with all these talented individuals comes competition, criticism and sometimes hate.

You’d think in an industry created to promote beauty, health, wellness, positivity and so much more would be one with open arms and vets who been doing this ready and willing to help YOU do this. Nope. Once you graduate cosmetology school, become licensed and hit the salon floor, all innocence is lost and you better not fuck up or dare ask for tips or solutions without no upfront costs!

I came into this game so naive. You know, thinking I can change the world, add some honey and sting my community with my passion! SHIIIIIIIDDDDDDD! I mean don’t get me wrong, I make money, I have some dope experiences and I have some real supporters but baby let me tell you, all that does not come without a price.

You have your nay-sayers, you have your doubters, you have those who befriend you to talk about you, you have og’s in the game who want to see you win, but not more than them! And so on and so fourth. The beauty industry is an ugly, dirty world filled with beat faces, lace wigs and satanic hearts.

That’s why you must stay focused! You must stay surrounded by those whose love is genuine, who don’t mind showing you a thing or too and will help you reach the next level. And most importantly keep going, keep practicing, and keep learning. You have to keep that idea of a “beautiful career” in mind, and to not be tainted by the dysfunctional qerks of popularity!

Remember why you started. Remember how your choosing to better your life and the lives of those around you by taking a leap of faith and actually living in your purpose is amazing and takes big balls to. If being an artist is what you desire, then please be that. Nothing wanted or desired comes without sacrifice and hurdles to jump. The beauty industry did to me what it’ll do to anyone who is passionate and motivated, it helped me to recognize my strengths & weakness, it makes me work harder, it makes me appreciate my growth...

It turned me into a professional savage!

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