What School will look like for most parent's in 2020!

The #coronavirus came and pushed all parent's to make really hard decisions moving forward into 2020. Some of the most compelling to date are; finding employment and choosing between in-person/in-class or virtual learning for your children.

With school fast approaching, a lot of parents are still stuck in the middle and can't decide, while some plan for school returns; and others, rearrange whole work schedules to accommodate their new "online school" from home.

School in 2020, by boojiBEE
Kennedy enjoys her chocolate milk at the table she'll be using for her Kindergarten, online class.

Majority of the folks within my immediate circle are choosing online, me too. I couldn't see it any other way. And not judging anyone who decides different, because each family's dynamics is unique to them, for me, it was a no brainer to keep my team home, safe and ALIVE! I'm not sure what the hell we up against. But one thing for certain, the government has never gave a fuck about me, my children or any one black, POC or poor, so when they're pushing for one thing, or going in one direction, I push for and travel down the opposite.

In preparation of the upcoming school year, I have been mentally and, spiritually equipping myself to handle this "new normal".

I've never done anything like this before. I'm so use to dropping my children off to school, going to work and then picking them up after. How the hell am I going to teach, work and love & care on myself/ for myself? HOW?

In meditation is where I found my answer. Having one of those real heart to heart moments with self and spirit and was like, "I'm teacher mom! I am my children's first teacher. I can do this. I can really do this!"

As a single parent, being the breadwinner of my small family, the idea of not being able to work enough is scary. But I also know, I'm a mother first. I have spiritual sovereignty and the universe has always carried me through many, many challenges. I have to make this work, my children's future, and lives are at stake!

So #onlineschool, #virtualschool, #homeschool was the move. IS THE MOVE!

With all of what's taking place currently, getting and staying motivated can be a task itself. Even for our kids! So I suggest, creating a space designated only for school.

Keep in mind if schooling from home, your kids are already out of routine and lack motivation and energy at this point. (Well at least for my 10th grader, lol). So having them set up online class in the bedroom, living room or kitchen will become very mundane and super boring. To keep their interest sparked, choose a room or section of the house you can decorate with school theme pics and inspirational posters!

Shop locally owned thrift stores for most of your items. I found 2 book shelves I'm using for their books off #Facebook #Marketplace. A few items I did buy new, like desks and desk chairs, but I did cut corners when given the opportunity. Also, speak with your children about how school will look during the remainder of 2020, possibly 2021. I know not all students are excited about not attending in-person learning. (My 10th grader again!) Giving you all types of hell and scenarios about how life is ruined because he or she can't go to "normal" school.

But still, stand your ground and remain vigilante in your decision. Kids don't know what's best for them, but you do! Share stories with them about adjusting, changing and adapting when need be to survive this "matrix"...

Most schools will be inside the home now. Which, if you think about it, really isn't new; just new to us. However, moms and dads across the nation are rearranging to adhere to their new beginnings! Yes, this is a new beginning not just for your child or children, but for you too! Me too!

Your making the right decision to keep them home if that's what your heart was telling you and if that's what your making room to really do. We can do this, we got this "teacher moms and teacher dads"!

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Thanks for reading!

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