What's inside a CREATIVE?

Well in short, hella' madness! A #creative, in my own words, describes a person who is "artfully intelligent". So much so, there whole existence depends on self expression through art.

I am a creative.

Through my profession as a master #cosmetologist I get to explore a world of color, meet other creatives and express myself in ways other careers wouldn't dare allow. I can have blue #hair, long pointy #nails and extreme #makeup! When I'm allowed to use the #beauty avenue as an outlet, I'm at my happiest.

#Makeup by #boojiBEE #Atlanta #MUA
A gorgeous #orange look I did using my #karity #cosmetics pallet.

The genius within the "creative" can most times be misunderstood. So much rumbles through our mind on a daily, it's hard to put it in words. We can only show what's on the inside of us.

One stressful thing about being gifted with so many artistic talents is, you always want to design, make, and bring about new things. I like change, and color, so I mimic what I feel through my abilities. Even though filling my plate with artful tasks takes a life of it's own. I have to find balance between working behind the chair, creating and parenting!

But for the most part, I enjoy what I do!

The things inside a creative were placed there to bless the world! To grow confidence and love within others. We are the daring rebels who go out and do! We are the visionaries who change the thoughts of what normal is! A creative mind can only make you think, and take pride in being different. An innovative people we are!

#Expression #womenbracelets by #boojiBEE
Expression #bracelets created to spread #positivevibes

Please take time to share this post and/or your thoughts about the creative within you. If your in the #Atlanta, #Fayetteville #Georgia area, and would like to book for #beauty services, visit the "Book Online" page. To purchase a #wigunit by #boojiBEE or #shop for other items, click the "Shop" tab. #GETSTUNG!

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