What's been happening at BoojiBEE?

Well so much has happened that I haven't written a blog post in almost a month!

I looked up at my recent #blog posts when I was editing my site and was like "wow, May is almost gone and I have not engaged at all with my loyal readers."

I apologize. I will work on not going this long again!

However, the business I'm experiencing is coming from hiring a new #beautyassistant, promoting my #skincare line and perfecting the ingredients within that. As well as being a mommy and actually running a business. Now that my boys are out of school, the need for speed is no longer as urgent, so now I can breathe a bit and find some "me" time to blog, socialize and build my brand.

I also added a "live stream" feature to my website. That way you can check out #behindthescene footage of my personal struggles, and successes. I want you guys to see the real me. Not the one I project onto social media, but the real me. The woman without makeup, smiles and fake supporters. The purpose of my #livestream is to pull you in closer and deeper to me. It's not to entertain you with fiction. I want you to witness my pain through growth, my hard work and perseverance, as well as intimate moments with my children and those nights where I'm out painting the town red! Lol! With #redwine!

Sooooooo, subscribe to my channel and catch all the ups and downs of my journey!

On another note, I am putting together some small classes with a few others this #Summer. They will be considered mini classes that can teach you the basics of learning #acrylicnails, basic #makeup techniques and informational sessions on #organicskincare. I also want to actually throw my "SIP & SEE" #Grandopening for #BoojiBEE! I'm thinking #July14.

Here, I'd like to have my #skincare products, gift bags full of goodies, finger foods and of course, the #wine! Y'all know I love my glass of wine.

Things to definitely be on the lookout for, we're launching our new #ExpressFruitFacial services. This will allow you to experience the luxury of fresh #organicfruit in a #facial beginning June 3rd. My assistant Felicity will deliver one hell of an experience.

Check out the video below and tell me how she did. Then head on over to the booking page to book your first facial with us! GETSTUNG!


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