What energy is your Partner harvesting?

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

I guess this post couldn’t have been written by me at a better time. I cannot date a guy who energy is more draining than healing. Relationships with our mates should be encouraging, motivating and most importantly loving.

I didn’t say perfect, but the good has to outweigh the bad. What energy is your partner harvesting? What do they put out into the universe? How is that effecting your world with him/her?

I am learning to take the environment I‘m creating for myself more seriously. I personally am more cautious now of the company I keep and relationships I build. Including friendships, co-workerships, neighbor-ships, all types of “ships”. I am on purpose dodging all humans & situations who are not adding positivity to my life! It’s unproductive, period.

Am I the most positive all the time? No. And neither are you. It’s all about balance. Your going to have bad days, bad moments, and bad experiences. There are going to be times where you and your partner will disagree and either of you will have negative responses or feelings. But are you being fed positivity 9 days out of 10? Or is it everytime your around him/her they are bitching, complaining, harping on the past, coming to no solution and always being negative? That can be very draining and will eventually have an impact on your ways of thinking.

Just as much as we need that push & positive reinforcement, we need to be it! Your fans, your supporters, your mate needs to hear “good job babe”, “you got this”, “go for it, I believe in you”... They need problem solvers too! No one likes a negative nancy, not even Nancy! Lol. So make sure your vibe attracts your tribe!

If your partner and immediate circle is not one that encourages you, empowers you, inspires you and challenges you, then it’s time to reevaluate your team. Like the old saying goes, “if you can’t change the people around you, CHANGE THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU”.

Your to booji to be bothered!

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