What do your nails say about YOU?

Believe it or not, your nails tell a story about you. Rather good or bad, it’s a peep inside your life’s window!

Nails are a reflection and expression of self. You can get a wiff of a persons character just by looking at the style/design of their nails.

If her nail set is short or natural, she may be a bit reserved, or works a job this restricts longer nails. Shaped like a stiletto and long, she may be adventurous in life, likes attention, and spiced with rebellion. And depending on if they are decked out with color powder or nail jewels, her nails tell the world, “I’m here bitches”!

Each set created or worn tells a story of “her”, and it’s my job as a nail artist to show without words what that is.

Dip powder nails ultimately tells me she wants something quick, long lasting and fast drying. Normally, these are professional working women or moms who desire well maintained natural nails.

Typically, they are not into tips or extended nails and enjoy a cute and groomed look.

Dip powder nails can enhance any natural nail appearance, by offering an array of colored powders, (ie; mood change and glow in the dark) and by adding glitters and mismatching designs. This particular nail system will wow many mundane natural nail clients, leaving them with feelings of satisfaction, neat nails and more than likely, a rebooking of services.

That same feeling happens with a lot of acrylic nail wearers! These type of women love a challenge, dramatic change or enhancement, and refuse to live without nails! The idea of tackling life without her nails being done is absurd and she refuses to do it.

Acrylic nail clients, (even myself) enjoy a clean, well applied set. It’s a canvas that is begging for a story to be told with them.

Shimmer, nail jewels, shaping and rather your top coat is regular or gel makes a huge difference in how our nail design turns out and how our story is perceived by others.

So, for your next nail appointment, what story are you going to tell?

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