Wet ‘n’ Wild pays homage to Astrology through makeup!

And I’m here for it!

Wet ‘n’ Wild Astro lippies in my fav shades.

Being that I’m a student of #astrology this new collection by #WetnWild couldn‘t have come at a better time!

You have your highlighters, pressed powders and beautiful shimmering lippies. And how I stumbled upon this was almost divine.

A client messaged me through my chat feature on my website inquiring about #makeup. She had a business lunch to attend and needed someone professional, affordable and can travel to her. After a few back & fourth messages, she booked me for a #mobilebeauty service!

As with any new client booking a #mobilesalon service for #makeupartistry I like to know if your a #mattelipstick or #glossylip chick, what colors your wearing and if you can send over a selfie to help give me an idea on what shade foundations to bring.

She replied, “glossy, maroon and I’ll send a selfie now.“

I immediately went to the store to purchase more lipgloss shades as 95% of my lip color collection was #matte. And that’s when the magic happened, I noticed Wet ‘n’ Wild #zodiac #lipgloss in the most perfect shades!

And you know I had to grab my sign, #Aquarius.

Wet ‘n’ Wild new lipgloss titled Aquarius.

I actually rocked this color going live on #Periscope and received awesome feedback.

Makeup look I did using my new Aquarius lippie!

I looooove matte. A super die hard fan of it, but being I’m an #Aquarian I just couldn’t resist. And the fact they were no more than $5-$7 a tube how could I? Lol. I enjoyed being glossy and it has a light shimmer to it which I really liked.

Keep in mind, I only shopped for more lipglosses due to the request of my new client, who just so happened to be a #Taurus... Another color I grabbed!

So as I pulled all 3 glosses I purchased out of my makeup bag, I was excited in my explanation of these being #Astro lipgloss and the #zodiacsigns I chose. I’m like “I’m going to use the color Taurus on you. I think it’ll compliment your eye makeup the most.” She obliged and replied “perfect, cause I’m a Taurus anyhow!”

Like, how freaking cool is that?

New BoojiBEE Makeup Client rocking Taurus!

Lastly, I chose #Gemini. I really was digging the creamy #metallic like look. That and the fact my daughter Apple is a twin/Gemini.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Astro gloss titled Gemini.

I haven’t had a chance to rock this color, but the swatch was so #heavymetal!

All 3 lipglosses feel velvety smooth and super pigmented. You May have to reapply Aquarius and Taurus a bit more than usual, but overall they are great buys for any beginner #mua or professional #makeupartist.

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