Transmuting all energy for the greater good of YOU!

Take that pain, that anger, that disappointment & put it towards growing! No need to spend time stressing, when you can spend time in your blessings!

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First I run, then I ground. Shot of my early morning grounding session with nature, mimicking a yoga tree pose.

Easier said than done but realistically attainable!

Our peace and happiness is our job to develop & protect. With many of us facing challenges of all types and uncertain of what's to come, a lot of low vibrational and non-beneficial energy is being transferred NON-STOP!

We must, consciously work on gratitude and being thankful even in the midst of confusion or "lack".

Many journey's each of us travel presents it's challenges. I know for me personally, working for myself is very hard; and can be taxing financially, mentally, and emotionally. Throughout this 10 year experience, I've had major highs, and I've also had major lows. And I am teaching myself gratitude more than ever before!

Because gratitude is what carries me in times I can't pull my own weight.

Being grateful and thankful is a free, self-loving tool that can enhance your vibrations immensely! Literally turning your worried mind into a manifestation center. And pretty much what transmuting is all about. Taking what was meant to be harmful to you and making it work for you. Taking all that built up stuff and making art! Transforming your reality for the greater good of you.

It's so important to remain in a state of "transmutation" and "transcendence". Dwelling outside of this "matrix" we call "reality" actually helps to heal you... Of course we have to be present in Earth, but please take time to escape "what you see", and meditate and flow in the idea of "what is being done that you can't see".

Note to self, lol! All of what I'm writing here, I'm telling myself.

We have shit to do, and dwelling in our lower selves too long is not one of them!

The power of the mind is under estimated by a lot of us. Your mind, your brain, your thoughts are so freaking powerful, magical and resourceful, you have to learn to train your mind for good. All it takes is one thought to present the next, and the next thought, and the next thought and so on. And if it's negative, look how you've psyched yourself up to believe you are unworthy, or not valuable enough.

Have you noticed the the war is in and for your mind?

Our biggest fight will be with ourselves. Not the world, not your family, not your enemies, but yourself! I am my biggest critic. I will talk myself right out of something amazing because of a thought... Because I told myself a lie about myself. I actually spent time telling myself I don't deserve, or nothing great ever happens for me or I don't belong... etc...

When really, I am the source of my own fate. I am the conductor of my own train. I am the writer of my own story. Life is hard enough without us beating our selves up. Learn to take that hurtful stuff and build loving stuff on top of it. And learn to love and honor yourself. Learn to forgive and realign yourself.

Any day is a great day to start a new. Any day we have the opportunity to begin again on a higher frequency. Please remember (me to me), we are beings EXPERIENCING LIFE in Human form! We have the ability to co-create our living arrangements. And know it takes time. Everything worth having takes time.

Just take it day by day. Do something everyday that your future self will appreciate you for.

With love, I write this post not only to you all, but to myself, because in 2022 we all need a reminder to be grateful, resourceful and become bearers of truth and light :)

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