"Thingy" Holders for Makeup Artists!

You know that one brand ice cream, where they pack all this yummy stuff in clear jars? Yes, TALENTI! Talenti ice cream is one of my most favorite kind of ice creams. One reason is because they use real ingredients to make their products, and two, once I'm done with dessert, I keep the clear jars to store my "thingys"! Not only am I getting my money's worth, I'm helping the Earth by recycling. It's such a win, win situation here. 

Being a mother of 3 children and managing a beauty business,  my resources are limited and must be calculated to a science. I don't have the cash to waste on pricey containers that you can make & create for yourself. Besides, my clients appreciate the originality when it comes to BoojiBEE. That's why they support my brand.

Pictured here are my containers I've kept after completion

 of the great tasting Caramel Crunch Ice Cream. 

As you can tell, it's my go to flavor in the Talenti family!

What I decided to do with them was wash them clean,

and use them to store my lippies for this season, 

 hold brushes I use regularly and my small eyeshadow 

pallets I use to create beautiful Fall faces!

I actually use these instead of a makeup 

belt/carrier/pouch when working on a client.

Storing my lippies in a cool, secure place keeps them 

from sweating and the top becoming loose while 

floating around in my MUA cosmetic bag.

 Accessible storage also helps me to find 

the colors I want more easily.

In short, the next time you snack on 

your favorite dessert, take a look at it's packaging

and see if you can't DIY and create something unique

and useful. Building into your business or your brand

takes energy, careful financial analysis and creativity!

You don't always have to go out and spend money 

on the things you need to operate efficiently.

Way before I decided to get serious about my career

in the beauty industry, I was a true crafter! I designed

t-shirts, handbags, jewelry and hats! You'll get to shop

some of the tee's I designed once I add them to 

my website soon!

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