The Quarantine Shift. 2020.

In the beginning, I was a bit out of routine. Feeling compromised of my morning rituals. But rather quickly, I adjusted to my "new" journey.

Staying home a lot more to school & parent my children.

Being more hands on from the start of our day, and having a 9-12 "school rule", helps with maintaining a "regular" structured schedule. And the fact we had to adjust rather quickly to new ways of doing things, structure helped with the emotional toll as well.

I noticed my children began to miss school and the social activities that went along. So creating that 3 hour daily school routine, and making sure they submit their work correctly, definitely helped with keeping their mind busy and sharp. As well as having a sense of responsibility.

This whole quarantine thing is turning out to not be so bad. It's almost like the world needed to stop and sit for a while.

Being home, being called mom 1 million times a day really isn't as bad as one may wonder, lol.

When was the last time you actually sat? I mean just literally sat around and did absolutely nothing? Sat and soaked up some time with your children? Allowing them to just be in your presence? And was actually present? Sat and painted your nails, read a book or an article. Sat and just talked to your girls, or boys, and just was in the moment.

Sat and looked around to be grateful for what you do have or what you did accomplish? Just sat and breathed in and out, hearing your breathes, feeling your breaths and being thankful for being able to be where you are?

This moment made us all equal.

BoojiBEE Blog, Quarantine Shift. 2020.
And boom, just like that, we were all made equal.

Maybe we needed time off from work. Maybe we needed sometime to view our lives in a different lens, or from a different angle. Either way, we now have a moment to hopefully realize what's important. From family & friendships, to careers, and the changes we needed to make personally as sisters, brothers, friends, partners and parents.

Most importantly, taking this time to show gratitude (something I've been preaching on a lot lately).

Remaining safe while pushing through can wear on your mind, but don't allow it to keep you in fear.

Be diligent, be smart, remain safe and educated. But please, please, please do not live in fear. Taking a pause from social norms doesn't constitute being oblivious to a global pandemic. So keep balanced. Just know stress, and anxiety is a killer too. It's proven to be very dangerous on the mind & body. Being proactive (like creating a workout plan, or purposely planning time to meditate or do self tarot) creates healthy habits to combat that type of low vibrating energy.

You are in only in control of your immediate surroundings. This includes your mind, your body and your home. Keep that clean of dirt and negativity and build into yourself, your children/partner while pursuing your dreams/goals daily. If the current events impacted your business like mine ( I had to close my salon per governor's orders) or if you are now laid-off/unemployed, create a plan of action to earn an income. If this means taking an online trade course to learn or brush up on a few things, then do so. If this means doing research daily to create an online business that involves a talent of yours, do so. If this means investing to start your family business or any business, then do so. Because sitting around, living in dread or being fearful will not bring anyone anything.

Cry, scream, vent, but do not worry. Do not feel stuck and hopeless. Pray, meditate, reach out to a friend and spill your heart out. But do not get weak. We are in this together, and together we are strong. You are strong and honey, you got this!

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Also, I'd love if you'd join my online community group "QWC", Quarantining with Children! I created this loving space to provide insight and support to all of us parents dealing with social distancing and staying home together.

We need to train our mind to be positive, and be careful of what we feed it. It's important to train ourselves to spread love and be the light in such a dark place.


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