The “ana Jean Experience”! A Sample Saturday Review.

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Trying on these curve-loving jeans is

an exciting experience! Once their on your body you feel great, you look great!

I was introduced to these hidden treasures by my boyfriend. He told me he ordered me some jeans online and to be expecting a package in the mail real soon. I was estatic! He’s always ordering some type of treat for me, but jeans? I wasn’t sure if he knew what I‘d like. Until my jeans arrived, and they were the exact same ones I had seen at a department store we visited one week earlier!

These are my FAVE! I really am in love with the pearls & crystal embellishments! You certainly won’t get bored wearing ana Jeans.

These here I wore out to dinner with my mom and children. They’re really comfortable, and although they hug my thighs and arse nicely, I hate how these make me look wide & boxed in the waist area. Other than that, I’ll be shopping for these alot more.

Soooooooo, these in particular are major bomb dot com! I am digging the distressed look complimented with colorful, metallic jewels. My boyfriend was using the right head when choosing these cuties. I have some metallic shoes and handbag that goes perfectly with these! Each jean is designed different but fits my personal style to a “T”. And to my readers, if your looking for fun, fashion forward pants, order these ana “a new approach” Jeans online at or purchase a pair or 2 inside #JCPenny department store. Retailed at $60-$70 but can find on sale at the link above.

My overall review of the #anaJeans, EXCELLENT QUALITY and the jean fabric isn’t cheaply made. When it comes to fashion investments, make this one and witness the experience! Your going to fall in love with a new approach jeans.

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