The 3 Biggest Mistakes we make as stylist!

What ever happened to "guest experiences", customer service, and automatic shampoos with every service?

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US! That's what happened.

With the social media boom, I think the ego began to take over passion and purpose. Or maybe a combination of all 3 with a lot more ego! Due to "follow/trend popularity", #hairstylists lost that personal touch. Choosing convenience, money and little to no effort service over quality, and "first impressions". Leaving a lot of us to forget why our clients chose us, and not US choosing them!

I want to speak on 3 biggest mistakes stylist make within their brand or business. If I'm lying, I'm flying! Lol.


Growing a steady clientele, and you start to over-book!!!

Over-booking is the worst for any guest. We really expect them to wait while we bounce from head to head (or whatever service your performing) and still pay us full price and tip! The nerve! I know for me personally, the reason I chose the appointment only method was to avoid having people sitting and waiting.

Yes, there are times you will run behind naturally, but please guys, let's try to book according to estimated service times. Leaving ourselves enough time to clean up and prep for your next guest. I'm mastering this as well! I felt so bad that I had a new #acrylicnails client book me for an event, and when she arrived (about 15 mins late... Which I needed that time and more because I fell behind) And I wasn't ready for her. She left me a horrible review on #Google, and now her first impression of me, as far as business, will always be that.

It rarely turns out well when you over-book.


Asking your guest, "you shampooed your hair already?"


This should never be a dam question! And I've been guilty of it too. Especially when it comes to #SewIn services. Nothing is more time consuming that having to shampoo, condition and blow dry some hair before a style... LOL! But that's what they pay us for guys! If you feel your shampoos are freaking bomb dot com then include that in your overall price! Charge your worth for christ sake, but don't say "come already shampooed" or "you want me to shampoo you?"

Like no silly, I just want you to style my drug store bought, watered down shampooed #hair! (No shade to those who shop at local drug stores for their #haircare needs). This was simply to draw you a picture of the mind of many, many guests!

They want to use our professional products too...

BoojiBEE Cincinnati Salon and Mobile Beauty!
From the outside looking in, all is what it seems!

And last but not least,

MISTAKE #3 Leaving dirty combs & other tools in your drawer/station and/or sink!

If you haven't totally embodied the laws of sanitation and disinfection that I know every #cosmetology school in #America drilled in our minds by now, then you my friend, do not need a license! This is a freaking #petpeeve of mind that drives me up a wall! This I do not do! So no, I cannot, will not and won't ever relate too!

As soon as your drawer pops open, your guest takes a peep at all that dirty crap built up. Or when your headed to the shampoo bowl and it's combs, clips and #haircoloring brushes sitting in the sink!


It's not cute guys... And looks bad on the #salon as a whole! To run a successful business, it takes teamwork, and cleaning up your station, sanitizing your tools and combs makes a huge difference on each guest's experience!

I am 100% sure it's many more common mistakes us as #licensedprofessionals, #hairstylists, #nailtechs, and #makeupartists make, but these 3 I felt needed the most attention. Let's not forget the important basics as we grow in our industries. We busy people true enough... But we can't lose sight of the fundamentals. We all can level up in one way or another in our salon and #spa businesses!

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Enjoyed this post or feeling like I'm way off base here? Leave a comment below of your take on things... In #Cincinnati? Visit #boojiBEE salon on the #Westside of #Cincy for #beauty services or to purchase #skincare products. #GETSTUNG!

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