Sip 'n' See's, Eye Scream Socials & so much more at BoojiBEE!

We been getting down lately with offering free events and valuable makeup classes here at BoojiBEE! From my very own #SIPnSEESocial to my dear friend's, #EyeScreamSocial, we've been loading folk with food, gifts and beauty indutsry info!

My Sip 'n' See Social was the first of many of my personal events to come. In the meantime though, I'll be partnering up with my friend, and licensed cosmetologist, Deann Fennel of #DeannFennelWorkshops to bring all of my boojibEE'z beauty resources and knowledge you can use and benefit from in your real life!

This past Sunday, Deann held her very first #ESS class (Eye Scream Social) and we had so much fun! This is a 4 week series (every Sunday in the month of August, at 12-2 or 4-6) that provides interactive learning about #makeup! Class 1, Deann discussed learning your shades, color correction and different types of foundation, while I talked about my #organicskincare products and the importance of loving your skin first.

The feedback we received during and after class from our attendee's felt so good. They actually wanted to learn and was eager to start diving right in! Deann provided them with cute cosmetic cases for their personal makeup and notebooks to take notes; and our bundle package student received a free ring light that attaches to your phone!

One of the best things about this series of classes, you get to actually TRY EVERYTHING, from the makeup products, to the #boojiBEEskincare, everything is hands on! So of course, when it was my segment to speak, I was too excited to dish out some hand crafted, earth derived and made with love, all natural skin products!

What person wouldn't appreciate pure nature in a bottle!

In addition to being a guest speaker for my friend's first ESS class, I sold some of my skincare products! And I was so not expecting that, but look how things work. Me and Deann have so much more in store for you guys. This chic here knows how to pour into her dreams, as well as I do. So you know how that go, "friends who grind together, shine together", and I'm happy to share these entrepreneurial experiences with this beautiful soul!

Eye Scream Social Class 1 at BoojiBEE!
Deann and I! My long time friend since beauty school.

I'd also like to thank our attendees for believing in us enough to contribute financially and spend their time with us. It means so much to Deann and I! We want you to know how much more strength & courage you've given us. We can now push forward to our next series of classes with the tenacity we need, not only for our classes, but this overall competitive, beauty industry!

Thank you! And see you all next Sunday, August 11th!

Interested in learning makeup! Well attend the next "Eye Scream Social." Please visit the EVENTS page to register. #GETSTUNG!

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