Sample Saturday's "Bestope Makeup Brush" Review!!!

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Hello BoojiBEEz! I am a day late with this post I know! Yesterday was hard trying to find the time to post. Between styling clients, and actually recording the tutorial to go along with this blog, time just slipped away. However, today I am ready to share my amazing first impression of the Amazon Bestope Makeup Brushes!

Bestope has other beauty & skin products as well. Click the link above if you want to check them out yourself.

Let's start off with the quality of these brushes. Although synthetic, they feel extremely soft to the touch! You know how some synthetic brushes feel abrasive on your skin? Well these don't. You'd never know these puppies are synthetic until you read the front of the package they come in. The smooth bristles allow for a nice, professional application. No streaks, blotches or shedding.

I also like how they come in silver and gold. Depending on your style, you can choose which accent best fits you. My boyfriend ordered me one of each color. But I looooove the gold ones. The makeup bag is a nice touch to. It shows they care about how their product is presented.

The price alone will have you order #Bestope #makeupbrushes out of curiosity. Depending on how many you choose, 8 pcs or 16 pcs, you‘ll pay between $7.99 - $21.99 & up. And that is what I like to call “heaven sent”!

Speaking of presentation, they include on the back of the box a detailed description of each brush. This is so helpful for beginner mua’s who don’t quite know what each tool is used for! I wish all brush makers would take note of this and include visual examples or explanations of their brushes. Kudos to this company!

Overall, the #bestopemakeupbrushes are truly #musthaves and created for #makeupartists on all skill levels. Beginner or professional, these should be added to your #makeupbrushes collection.

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