"QUEENIN'" Through it All!

I'm not sure who coined the phrase"#QUEENIN'" but I sure as hell represent it to the fullest! And if it were defined by me, the definition would be listed as follows, "a woman who can be hurt, betrayed, belittled and be left, yet, still able to breathe, build and boss up beautifully."

An image on BoojiBEE Blog
A Queen adjusting her crown.

Being that my perception of QUEENIN' is most likely different than yours, were all #QUEENS in respect to the nature of our roles as women. Some of whom work and care for children, some of us run corporate companies, many of us have become entrepreneurs in pursuit of the #AmericanPie. As well as others are discovering themselves. Recognizing their worth and value as women. In spite of our trials, we keep pushing! Adjusting our crowns, and wearing them proudly!

Our struggles in life helps to develop the #QUEEN within. I've dealt with so much in my life... And these past 4 years alone, I should be admitted into a psych ward. From heartache, to financial loss, depression, child birth, and the big move to #Atlanta. I'm shocked at myself for even remembering to breathe and build.

Black art of a black woman and blue hair
Artwork I found online depicting the overwhelming emotions of womanhood.

The more I accept my past and all it's lessons, I let go of my weakness and embody strength. A Queen in rare form, that is who we are. My previous experiences, rather hurtful or helpful shaped everything about me. The pain made me stronger, while the smiles got me through. I enjoy motherhood, I know what real love is, I have a handful of genuine souls in my circle. And most of all, I surround myself with other positive Queens!

Our lives are what we make them. And although environmental circumstances play a huge part, let's not let go of our power! Continue “QUEENIN’“ and being unbothered by the bullshit.

Black art of 3 black queens
Women standing united as the Queens we are!

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