PRETENDING. What part of you is not real?

Really? What part of you are you not being authentic with? I consider myself a pretty private person, however I don’t mind sharing my good, my bad and my struggles in between.

While most only exhibit “#livingtheybestlives on social media, I prefer to #blog about every part of life. Even the not so attractive.

Now who said we had to show late bill notices, divorces or notices to leave the premises? No one. But can we all agree that online profiles have become more and more hum bug! Like literally no one had to struggle or work hard and bust a sweat to achieve anything!

They all woke up like this! Lol.

Yet, behind closed doors we seek love, loyalty, and for someone to understand us. Underneath the fluff, exists some insecurity issues, trust issues, financial issues, health issues and so on...

Why don’t we share our bad times? Why don’t we want others to know it was hard as hell? I was hungry, broke, homeless? Whatever the case is/was in your triumphant moments, share it. We need to hear how you overcame it all, who helped you or taught you.

If you think about it, pretending kind of helps life along the way. When things are bad, you say “everything will be fine”. That’s ok, speak positivity into your life. But don’t pretend so much that your not being your true self.

It’s beauty in all struggles.

Image is not mine. I found on google!
Walk through all adversity to the beauty in the end.

Find yours. ❤️

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