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We have become totally numb to empathizing with others' situations and stumbles. The most sad thing is, we've become numb to our own trials & tribulations. We have gotten use to "rolling with the punches", not taking the time to hurt, cry and heal.

An image of a broken heart on boojibee blog
Where can we go to get healing, love and innerstanding?

I get it. We need to be strong. But is their a such thing as "too strong"? As souls experiencing life as human beings, we should explore all emotions, the ones that feel great, as well as the ones that make us feel angry or sad. And we should as a human race, be able to lean on one another for compassion. No, that doesn't mean share your struggles with everyone. As you must have discretion with whom you share these times, because everyone isn't worthy of your story.

Woman who shelters herself from others in boojibee blog.
Isolation is good, to a certain degree.

For me, when I'm going through rough times, I tend to withdraw. I'll isolate myself and will go into what I call "mute mode". I don't answer phone calls, I hardly respond to texts outside of business and I just go into my invisible closet. Sheltering myself from society. That works for me because I don't want to place my "baggage" on anyone else. Mainly because I know firsthand no one gives a flying fuck and secondly, I don't trust people with my dark moments. On the flip side this can be very dangerous! As I am no stranger to depression and sometimes it's a hard to pull myself up by the bootstraps and "snap out of it".

So where do we go to heal? How do we help each other to keep fighting and make it through? Well, #prayer/#meditation is my first thought. Lighting some candles, burning some #sage and playing some soft music. Learning to listen to others cry for help, rather than responding with such cliche responses. Reach out to a close friend or family member to share your thoughts and release any #anxiety or feelings of #depression. Lighten up on being a jerk and actually tapping into your sensitive side. Yes, even if your a male. Or maybe researching a support group in your local area.

BoojiBEE blog
Choosing to be happy in spite of difficulty!

As insensitive as humans & society can be in not giving a dam, we must find ways to console the hurt, mend the broken and heal the sick. Even within ourselves! Don't become so numb that you forget what it's like to feel human and to feel love. Don't become so numb that you can't help others...

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