No Judgement Zone!

I am learning to live by the code of "no judging"! I suggest you adapt this motto as well. Because quite frankly, 0 fucks are given. Most certainly, when it comes to criticism from individuals who intent is to dislike, hate and judge anyway!

My friend of many, many years decided she wanted to go out with a beautiful bang. She called me up with an idea she wanted to bring to life. Yellow, hair, and makeup to match. After finishing her look, taking pics and posting them on all my social media outlets, the opinions of a non-artistic, non-creative individual rolled in.

Don't worry, I handled it very well. (As shown below) Lol!

My issue is, why not keep your comments to yourself? Yes social media invites opinions of your "friends" and "followers" but when your negatively replying to a post of someone who is a licensed cosmetologist, makeup artist, or any artist who is provoked by weird, different, creative things, YOUR BULL SHIT OPINION holds no weight. We have ZERO FUCKS to give!

We create what's in our hearts, and our soul. Although that negative energy held no value, the fact remains, it's people like "him" who will crush an artist. It is people like "him" who won't allow "us" to be different! Again, criticism is ok when it's from concerned individuals who appreciate your craft and want you to be better. But to comment with no intent to build, better or push is the last thing I want to see on any of my posts!

The world would be boring if we had no self expression. So please, the next time you or I speak, ask yourself "what am I saying to help, build, better, or push this person?" Or better yet, ask yourself "will this person give a dam about my opinion?" Sometimes it's best to stay quiet when you have nothing to say.

Let that sink in...

Stop judging, and start appreciating the view point of those you don't overstand.

My #rant for the day... If you can appreciate a "no judgement" zone or have 0 fucks to give those who don't like you, how you look, what you wear or how you live, please share and subscribe to my #blog! #GETSTUNG!

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