Networking in Cincy!

Our last sip 'n' shop was ok, but this next one will be even more amazing! Not to take anything away from the last event we attended, I just rarely had time to prepare. As I was told 2 days prior we were setting up for #POPOUT #Cincinnati!

BoojiBEE attending a Cincinnati networking event!
My table at "POP OUT" Cincinnati!

I managed to pull it off last minute of course! I brought a few items from my #organicskincare line, and my best friend who works with me brought her jewelry line, #DDsTreasures, a business she started for her 15 year old daughter.

BoojiBEE at a Cincinnati sip and shop event.
A flyer from the event. Featuring local Cincinnati entrepreneurs and business owners.

The event started out slow, but then turned out pretty nice. I ended up making two new customers, and purchasing items from two vendors. My best friend also made sales and we just overall patted each other on the back for having the courage to #network.

It takes balls to put yourself out there!

BoojiBEE attends event selling Organic Skincare products!
A new customer of BoojiBEE Organic Skincare!

BoojiBEE attends a local pop up shop event in Cincinnati!
My best friend setting up her jewelry display!

BoojiBEE attends Cincinnati pop up shop and supports other local entrepreneurs.
I purchased my icy ankh chain from the host of the event!

BoojiBEE Cincinnati at a local pop up shop event!
A new BoojiBEE skincare customer!

The women I met at this event reminded me of myself. They were ambitious, motivated, entrepreneurs looking to promote their talents, services and brand! It feels really good to be able to meet up with folk who have drive like you! And to do with other women who look like you is even greater!

BoojiBEE attends and supports local pop up shop in Cincinnati!
New dope sunglasses I also purchased at the POP OUT event!


"Nothing compares to having a goal in mind and achieving it. To be able to believe in yourself enough to fail forward until you succeed is uncommon, and only of the brave heart!"



Here is a small clip of my best friend who absolutely stepped out of her comfort zone and attended her first #PopUpShop!

We have more to come as far as local events in our Tri state area. Our next #popupevent in #Cincy will be at the #RoyalBlendsBarbershop event in #WoodlawnOhio. Here, I will be selling #plantbased #organic #fruitsmoothies and #skincare and my best friend will have #minkstriplashes and #handcraftedjewelry from her daughters collection!

BEE sure to come out and support #BoojiBEE this coming July 7th, 2019! #GETSTUNG!

Interested in purchasing #skincareproducts? #Shop online now to experience #plantbasedbeauty created with love!

Have it shipped or pick it up locally on the #WestSide of Cincy.

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