My mini education, vacation in Hilton Head, South Carolina!

Connecting with other professional creatives in the beauty industry was a major treat this past weekend! Product line ambassadors for SEBASTIAN, NIOXIN, OPI and KADUS color were in full effect. They provided us with more product knowledge, cutting techniques and  an introduction to newer color lines. This class exceeded my expectations tremendously!

Although this was an educational based get away, I still considered it a mini vacation. Considering I was away from my 3 children in #HiltonHead #SouthCarolina for almost 3 days, the sponsors provided us with an  open bar, 3 meals a day and we had our own rooms. If your a mom then you know exactly why I'm calling this a miniature vacation. 

Along with food, drinks & networking, we (me & many other cosmetologists) had the pleasure of getting haircutting tips from Anthony Cress; a #SEBASTIAN stylist out of #LA. He went over the latest #TWISTED products for styling, cutting techniques such as pen cuts & soft razor cuts. As well as sharing his 16 year journey in the hair industry. It was challenging for me to pay attention. His handsomeness was a huge distraction!

Our next class was with a #KADUS #colorist named Caroline Kim (also out of LA) And she was total bomb! Not to mention her #haircolor was super cute too! She touched on color trends and proper ways to balyage. Her spirit was so amazing. She was a great educator.

I can’t forget the lovely Mrs. Diane Stevens! #NIOXIN ambassador, salon owner & professional treatment stylist! She explained all the exciting and rewarding #scalprenewal benefits of using NIOXIN. She also described how focusing on the healthy #haircare and #scalptreatments not only expands your business but promotes #hairgrowth.

When I tell you me and my team learned a lot during this past weekend... I can host a class on regurgitating the knowledge I soaked up. It was that good. 2018 is all about growing, connecting and becoming! Networking with like minded individuals and mastering my craft.

Continuing education classes can only make a true artist better. The industry is forever evolving so creatives must evolve as well!

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