My experience as a Black Entrepreneur...

I owned a small #eyelash bar for 3 years and it’s nothing in comparison to opening a full service #salon in #Cincinnati.

1. Shit pops up that you didn’t expect. (Like plumbing issues and leaks.)

2. Contractors don’t respect my gangsta. (When I’m sweet and nice I get taken advantage of, so I have to be a bitch almost all the time.)

3. Being a “black” or of #African descent woman in #business, hardly anyone takes you serious. (As if white women can only build successful businesses.)

4. You still have to take care of your responsibilities and children. (All while putting money into your savings, money into your project, money for decor and furnishings… Oh and let’s not forget your business location rent.)

AND NOBODY SEE’S THE SWEAT, GRIND AND TEARS YOU PUT INTO YOUR BRAND! Regardless how big or small it is to them, IT’S GIGANTIC TO ME, because I get it out the mud by any means!!!!

(Translation; “I don’t have rich parents, or a #sugardaddy and I’m not the color of privy. Banks are biased as to who they loan to and every dollar I earn, I worked hard as hell for!”)

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