Masking your way to cleaner skin! ESSY products are bomb dot com!

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Who knew such rewards existed inside a facial mask! Finding out about #ESSY #skincare products was like discovering hidden treasure. Me and my skin have been battling for quite sometime, and this #BlackheadExtractor is a gem!

The #Blackhead extractor absorbs dirt, excess oil, helps to shrink your pores and regulate oil sectetion. With this product you don’t necessarily need to cover your full face. Just put it on the problematic area of the blackhead using the ESSY spatula, let it dry for 10-15 minutes and peel!

Now, it’s not always easy to peel. So you may have to use a warm rag like in the beginning to soften up the mask and wipe away. This can be tedious but well worth it. Almost immediately your blackheads begin to diminish. I noticed the one on my forehead was almost non-existent after my second use.

As far as pricing, I’m not sure. My boyfriend hip me on to this product when he had it delivered to me at the salon. He is well informed of my trying to maintain my skin and buys things for me to try often.

However, if after reading this post you’d like to grab some of your own, the company is on #Instagram as @essy_naturals The link to shop is in their bio.

A few days after receiving these products, I spent almost $30 on #BURTSBEES #facialcleanser, #JASON #vitaminE #skinoil and #DESERTESSENCE #teatreeoil I’ll do a #videoblog about those items after trying them for a while. That way, I can keep my reviews raw and real.

In closing, I am still experiencing what this ESSY mask is all about, and so far, it has worked right in front of my eyes! So I can only conclude with, you must try this #beautyproduct for yourself to really gage it‘s effects. Personally, I do like it, but we will see as time progress.

Share and reply to this post if you’ve tried this product for yourself or if you have suggestions for other facial masks.

If your in the Atlanta area and would to network or GETSTUNG with a professional, mobile or in salon #hair #nails or #makeup service, please email me. I’m always up to build with other professionals/entrepreneurs in all industries, especially for beauty!

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