“Mama on’a budget” makeup!

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Find your favorite luxe cosmetic brands for way less than market value at your favorite department stores or outlets!

So as you all may now know, shopping for me means finding the best deals. That means scouting different department stores for quality, pigmented makeup. And of course, #BurlingtonCoatFactory was first on my list. As they always have cosmetic goodies inexpensively.

This 15 matte lipstick pallet caught my eye instantly! As I always wanted to buy an array of multi-colored lip paints, and this one was perfect. For about $12, you get highly pigmented matte lippies that resembles #HUDABeauty matte lipsticks. (As shown below).

HUDA Beauty Cosmetics are known for their vibrant and creamy textured, moisturizing matte lipsticks. So when I seen the #BeautyTrend #liquidmatte #lippallet, I’m like yessssssssss!

One other plus about grabbing these imitation #HUDABeauty goodies, they are true to color. They look exactly on your lips as they do in the above picture. The only complaint I have is, they didn’t really fill the bottles up. It’s a lot of “space” and “air” and needs more moisture. So with these, I suggest greasing up your sup coolers before hand. Lol.


However, for the price and pigmentation, I can’t complain too much.

I also like the packaging. The box is very sturdy and protective of the bottles. A great way to keep them in good shape.

The lip tray is another huge deal for me. It allows for easy access and storage. Doesn’t keep my daughter out of them, but it works for when I’m traveling to a #makeup client.

And for my next treasurable find, this beautiful #eyeshadow pallet from #bebe #bebecosmetics. Now, I don’t believe this has anything to do with the high end fashion line BEBE, but the design, quality and array of products they carry are good.

#bebe #makeup has a slew of nice lipsticks, highlighters, pallets, everything you need to pull a nice face off! You can actually find a whole heap of #muas on #instagram using their products by searching the hashtag #bebemakeup #bebecosmetics etc...

This pallet added a softer touch to my collection; as all my current pallets have really bright colors. I actually threw away a bunch of makeup to rebuild my collection. And this added a nice touch.

The colors showed up really well. This #eyeshadowpallet was about $8-$9 at #BurlingtonDepartmentStore. A product like this from other brands would have cost about $18 or more.

Overall, both purchases were well worth it. And regardless of the name, as long as it’s quality and affordable, it’ll always be supported by me.

Here’s a finished look I did using both new products I purchased. The only thing I added was gloss to create a #wetlips look.

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