Leaving Atlanta was the best decision...

The day I decided to move, the #universe made it possible. Literally putting together all the pieces for me and making a way for me & my children to get back home!

Moving back to Cincinnati from Atlanta.
Jordan & Kennedy standing at uhaul truck.

Moving back to #Ohio was nowhere in my thoughts. I was happy at my salon home. We had just moved into a different apartment. My mom had 2 job interviews lined up. I mean, I felt like ok, we are headed in the right direction.

My time thus far had been a bit of a struggle. So to have this new flush of greater energy, I just knew things would be getting better.

Then boom!

This heavy and urgent feeling of moving back home came over me. My boys, Jacob 14, and Jordan 7, were already coming home for the Summer season anyhow. But a small part of me also wanted to come home too.

And, for good!

So, we began our journey back to the #BuckeyeState.

My mom drove the #uhaul truck and I drove the car. I was to afraid to drive that big ol thing for that long. My oldest son decided he’d ride with his grandma in the truck to help guide her and keep her calm! Anyone who knows my mom know she can be a drama queen with traffic and travel.

The kids were estatic! I mean they had been on cloud 1000 since mentioning the move back. Even my daughter Kennedy whose 3 now, kept saying “I want to go to Ohio mommy!” I felt the shift of energy & emotions when I put it into the atmosphere.

My oldest struggled in school, his alopecia started to get bad and his hair started falling out again. He began to withdraw. Hanging out in his room all day, not playing with friends or rarely interacting with his siblings. I had noticed this a while before announcing the move. Jacob was stressed and unhappy. My son went from a straight A student to failing big time!

The actual drive up wasn’t that bad. Kennedy slept the first 2 hours and Jordan played games & watched movies. I daydreamed, and played out scenarios in my mind of how life is going to be back home. I didn’t want to repeat anything that wasn’t good for me. People, places and men. ESPECIALLY MEN!

I may have been coming back home, but my mindset was totally different than before I left. My #Georgia experience changed me. I needed to come to this place to grow, detox, learn, laugh, cry and smile.

I made a bunch of money and you can’t take away that #Atlanta has plenty opportunities for #entrepreneurship and #blackowned businesses.

Of course coming back home posed it’s challenges early! Where was me and my children going to stay, where am I going to work and what am I going to do with all our stuff? All these questions & thoughts began to give me a slight anxiety attack. But like always, my ancestors guide me in all I do and the #universe creates a pathway.

I secured a salon home at #DreasBeautyBar, my boys are staying with their dads for the #Summer, me and Kennedy will be at my uncles & aunt house! Which is like the best decision one could make when getting your life in order. Annnnnnd, I put all of my stuff in storage. Which I got the first month free! Plus, my son’s dad gave me a nice car to drive!

I had a car coming to Georgia, but lost that due to an accident. So I was driving my moms car & catching #Ubers to get around down South. So like everything was happening in my favor! The dots were connecting and the move felt more and more right!

BoojiBEE located inside Drea’s Beauty Bar.
Me and my daughter Apple at my new salon home!

The sacrifices I make for my children are worth it. Although I had dreams & plans that involved living in Atlanta, my children weren’t as happy as I was. They didn’t have their dad, cousins, papa, and just that loving community.

Since being back my kids have been ooberly stoked! And I wouldn’t change that feeling for the world!

Whatever I want to do, I’m going to do right here in #Cincinnati Ohio!

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