In your darkest hour, remember why you started...

Struggles. We all have them. But how do you handle yours? How do you continue moving when all you want to do is stop? It seems the moment you declare to change your situation, your mindset and your life completely, every hurdle you can imagine happens!

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Push through no matter what or who is against you!

But every #entrepreneur can relate. And even if your not an entrepreneur, you too can share stories of how hard it got and how you managed to overcome. I think those of us who seek to rid generational curses have it the hardest! Within this experience, not only do we have to fight the world for our spot, but we fight with the mindsets of those closest to us.

This in turn can make us feel alone, and almost question ourselves, our goals, our entire vision! Isolation becomes normal, moving as one becomes normal, and you begin to build an overprotective barrier of everything around you or about you. But don't! Even when you feel the most vulnerable, and your ideas feel lees valuable, don't become a shell of yourself.

Self motivation is the most powerful tool you'll need on any journey. It all starts with SELF.

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You are your first support team! Cheer yourself on!

So when your family don't get you, your friends don't get you, even when #bae don't get you and your passion to make way for you and your family, PUSH YOURSELF anyway. Remind yourself consistently why you started in the first place. Remember that fire and underdog mentality and just become a beast with it! Times of disagreements, misunderstandings and that feeling of not having support will come, TRUST ME! But that hunger for more, and for better wasn't implanted inside of you for nothing.

We must not forget to listen to the voice within, the one that tells you to GO in spite of all adversities!

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