How to BEE-come the "It Girl".

What's an "It-Girl" and how do you become this? Simple, let go of society's standards and listen to your inner voice. Ask yourself, Who are you? What do you bring to any table? Why are women like you rare and How are you able to confidently walk in your calling?

With all the distractions of media, and negative social constructs, it's so easy to get caught up in superficial hype. The "American Dream" is deadly to the mind, spirit and overall evolution of an individual. It portrays an "it girl" success as a collection of material possessions, lot's of makeup and Instagram modeling.

An "It Girl" should be a woman who knows herself, loves herself and embraces all aspects of her life's journey.

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Who gives a dam what they think, be your own kind of "it girl"!

Not every shiny object has increasing value. And not every pretty smile is happy. Don't let the internet world fool you. Please! You must take time to define your "it girl shit" in your own way. Authentically and unapologetically.

To properly apply this to your life, you must start with honesty. Lying to others is one thing, but lying to yourself, honey YOU BOLD! Transparency is what aligns you with the purest experiences, people and way of life. To be honest with yourself is a super power, and that super power allows you room to master yourself. In mastering yourself, you'll learn how to hear your own voice, think your own thoughts, and trust your being guided divinely to which you were called.

Most "it girls" are defined or seen as "it" due to vanity, sexual exploitation, vulgar thoughts or behavior, network/connections, who they sleeping with or just a plain ol' social media overkill, etc etc... You ever heard the saying "well behaved women rarely make history"?

It's true.

Use your brain instead of your beauty (pussy), and you'll see the difference in "success" stories. However, using your brain, and your God given talents are much more rewarding than anything. Keep that in mind. Your "it" will not look like hers, his or them. Your "it" factor will look like YOURS. And folk will not always understand it. And due to their lack of individuality or their level of creativity, they will have nerve to judge it. Be "it" anyway.

The only way to become that "it girl" as I see fit, and my opinion ain't crap, is to be true to you. If your an artist, design, if your a builder, build. If your a poet, write and do poetry nights... That's what makes your "it" the shit! And trust, your vibe attracts your tribe. Be confident in that.

The most heroic thing anyone can do, man or woman, is be themselves in a world full of copy cats.

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