Hang On B.A.E.!!

I can feel your hunger pains. Your desire to want more, to go harder and to really give it your all. I know what that's all about, I'm an entrepreneur too!

But as a Black Entrepreneur I also feel your despair, your anger and frustration about the injustices of our people. The killings continue, the systematic racism continues, the inequality continues, and the hurdles to rid ourselves free from oppression gets harder. I feel every emotion you feel, RIGHT NOW IN THIS MOMENT...

And your questioning your focus, your stance, and how can you continue to build in such crazy times. I know, I'm having those same exact thoughts! And I say to you, as I say to myself, my purpose is bigger than me. (Your purpose is bigger than you.)

Life will happen, even in the most unfair ways, but I cannot lose sight of why I am here! And neither can you. We can't afford to.

Now I'm not saying it's easy to do or ignore the current issues and totally focus on your entrepreneurial journey, that would be selfish. What I am saying is don't allow outside forces, problems or disturbances to interrupt your will and right to try, to build and succeed.

When you are a gifted and blessed people, your attacks will come in many different emotional, financial, physical, mental and spiritual forms. YOU CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO PERMANENTLY STOP YOUR FLOW!

We are at war. In war, their are casualties.

We still have a job to do! We still have dreams to turn into reality, goals to accomplish and businesses that need to get started. We were still created with a purpose and we can not lose sight of that.

The talent and gifts embedded within us can still change our life and the lives of those around us. This time doesn't call for us to STOP & GIVE UP! If anything, we should quiet our mind, go deep within and request from the universe that you need help, more strength and more importantly, MORE COURAGE...

Resources are needed to change the future of US! We can only obtain resources through networking, building, unifying and obtaining knowledge, then applying that knowledge.

If you allow for the mishandling of your vision due to emotional rage YOU WILL NOT LAST!

This is CHESS Black People, not Checkers.

Our babies, our community and our nation as a whole are depending on us to change how things have been to how things will be. That means, taking all that emotional baggage and channeling it towards changing the future. I know your ready to stop and zoom in on "what's happening". Take a second, read, determine, soak in, then move forward! Recognize what's playing out and do not "play in"...

Yet, switch lanes, take that warrior energy and feed it to your vision. Feed it til it fattens and spill over for others to eat off of it. Build into your families, build into your friends, build into your people. Like the Late Great #NipseyHussle say "ALL MONEY IN, NO MONEY OUT".

In 2020 people only respect Money and Power. Generational curses will break once we build!

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