And lonely. Oh and draining too.


It get's brighter, the load get's lighter (in the sense of your mental capabilities) life get's easier, free'er and your vibe begins to attract your tribe. You begin to see a shift. Where your cravings become different, your expectations become higher, and your hunger for the level of success you seek gets stronger! Even the people you choose to be-friend or date changes!

This is GROWTH!

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Stages of growth.

How dare you choose to not be the same and actually challenge yourself to CHANGE! Who the fuck told you, you could do that? Not your old "so-called" friends. Not your baby daddy, not the pastor at your old church, not your parents, not society!!!

Baby girl, you HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE, TO GROW. You have every god given right to reach your highest potential in your lifetime.

These are the very words I had to tell myself these past few days. I feel like the more and more I crave change and to grow not just my self, but my family, and my businesses, I'm constantly being bombarded with energy that doesn't agree with this change. It's like who or what wouldn't agree with you changing? Choosing to no longer accept abuse, disrespect, neglect, inconsistency, mediocrity. What person in their correct mind wouldn't respect the fact your leveling up period. Leveling up in your mind, in your drive, in your thoughts, in your day to day activities. I mean completely leveling up all the way around the board.

Why is it so much resistance when you want to better yourself and the people around you?

The things and people closest to you begin to almost become unfamiliar. It's as if your reintroducing yourself and "they" are unwilling to meet the new you. "They'd" rather see you where you were, rather than to meet you where you are! I am not the same "her". I do not wish to settle for the bull crap I once did. Why can't they respect that? Why can't they inner stand it's personal but positive? It's you realizing your power, your purpose, your passion and the strength of truly persevering?

Why does growth cause so much noise? It's almost as if your crucified for your rebirth! Why isn't your drive, your urge to not be a statistic celebrated? And why does the hateful energy begin with those closest to you, family, friends and lovers or exes?

Everything is suppose to grow! EVERYTHING! Even us!

An image I used for my growth blog on BoojiBEE.
We all should crave to grow,

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