Flash back Friday!

Remember my eyelash bar, Last Minute Lashes? This was my first ever brick & mortar business, located right in the heart of #Madisonville, at 5904 Madison Rd. and it was something I was so proud about!

I first thought of “LML” while working at a call center. Me and my cousin use to sit at our desks and discuss ideas we wanted to bring to light. At the time, I had launched #BoojiBEE fashion apparel maybe a year or 2 earlier.

Which I poured every single one of my pennies into, but it was draining me to bring to life my vision with BoojiBEE at that time. So then I decided to get a job, and in the mist I gave birth to #LastMinuteLashes LLC. A place just about #eyelashes!

(You can view more pics of this place, eyelash clients and moments from my #lashbar on

my #Instagram page @ www.instagram.com/lastminutelashes513 I was also utilizing #Facebook if you’d like to view that as well.

I was so so proud of myself for being approved to rent this perfect, little place. I had my moms friend put some shelves up, and bought some cute little what not‘s and furniture pieces to make it more comfy and guest friendly.

Just like BoojiBEE, I enjoy time in my happy spaces! Being in #salon settings, especially one’s I own, really brings peace & tranquility to me. I mean yes, you have to work in order to keep that peace of mind, but overall the beauty industry is a love of my life. That and #entrepreneurship.

Lol look at this ad board! Man I thought I was doing something. And maybe I was. This was created to go inside the #beautysupply store on Ridge and Highland Ave, #SmartHairBeautySupply. It got me some clients too. People I knew would call and say “I seen your posterboard inside the hair store!”

That and obtaining new clients felt amazing!

LML was a great 3 year experience for me. I started out traveling to my clients, hence the name; “Last Minute Lashes” (which the whole objective was to call me last minute before your night out, dinner date, social etc,) while working at the call center, to quitting the call center and opening up a physical location.

I started #cosmetology school at #EmpireBeautySchool at night while working at the lash bar during the day. I was pregnant with Kennedy, balancing so much and I managed to push through school. I ended up closing LML in December of 2015, after having Kennedy to go to school full time and finish sooner.

And here I am, a #licensedcosmetologist in #Ohio, a #icensedmastercosmetologist in the state of #Georgia, and a #CincinnatiSalon owner of #BoojiBEEllc!!!

I never gave up, I never will give up! I will continue to strive for greatness and work hard to provide my children with opportunities I didn’t have! I want change for my family, stability, a foundation and more importantly #generationalwealth!

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Thanks guys, love you ❤️😘 #GETSTUNG 🐝

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