February. Where love resides!

I am very excited about this month and the "newness" it'll bring to the planet. First off, my birthday is Sunday, February 6. Woop woop! Secondly, we're in the midst of a new moon, which brings fresh, loving and motivational energy.

Aquarian energy is full of divinity, power, love, & lots of goal digging. If you are feeling, all of a sudden, an urge to make and do and create, or seek & give love; you are experiencing the season of the water bearer and the fixed air sign's vibration!

February. The month of love! New BoojiBEE Blog.
I took a small hiatus in Maryland during the Venus Retrograde, and the last Full Moon in January. Much needed R&R, and realized so much about myself, my children's needs and moving forward in my life in general!

Take it all in. Flow like water in this moment. Give thanks for this feeling to "start over" & to begin fresh. Be thankful for this mood, for this moment of creative energy and desiring change within your life and those around you. Flow in love, flow in the very essence of your magical existence.

February reminds us of love, and the new moon allows us to release and reposition. Our thoughts, our actions and daily habits should reflect who we want to be, and what we want to have in the future to come. Each day we should be doing something that pours into our present and future beings. Maintaining gratitude as we grow through what we go through.

February! The month of love. New BoojIBEE Blog.
We are love... Let's flow in that...

Keep in mind, while on your missions to design a better way of thriving, love is needed. That's what February reminds us of. Whether it's being in love with your spouse, loving on your children, family & friends and most importantly, showing love & care for yourself, LOVE is NEEDED. Love is the common denominator.

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