Fashion Tips for "booji" women!

Hey honey! Your here because your booji, and into fashion, GREAT! I'm happy to share tips that may resonate with your personal style inside & out.

1. Girl BEE Confident!

Nothing more unappealing than a bad ass woman who is not confident in herself. Hold your head up, speak clearly, let the world know you mean business. People are going to talk, let them talk about your inability to break, to never give up on your personal & professional goals, and how you look good while doing it. Make people see God's favor & love & light shine brightly through you.

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Sis, you see the glow!

2. Leave them "fuck" boys alone!

Time and time and time again, I see women allowing low vibrational men to stagnant their growth. Whether it's through a lack of support, biased opinions, jealousy of her work ethic or plain out toxic, it happens way to often to great entrepreneurial and working women! LEAVE HIM WHERE YOU FOUND HIM! And I mean that! Speaking from experience, honey you have to decide if you want to grow or stay broke. Broke financially, broke spiritually, broke mentally... The love you think he has for you is conditional upon how "stuck" you stay. And that is not cute no matter how you rock it.

3. Love Yourself First.

And this is in conjunction with the first 2 tips! Putting yourself first will allow you to pour unto others and your self love overflows. It creates a standard of respect from self and others. I think not having a lot of confidence and dealing with "fuck boys" (men in this case), comes from a lack of self love. How can you be proud and inspired if the love of self is not present? How can you have a healthy relationship with a King/Queen if the love of self is not present? It starts with SELF first. Raise that vibration and all the rest that belongs will follow, and all that doesn't will fall off.

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I found myself showing self care in the most acute ways... Like buying fresh flowers weekly as a gift to myself.

You thought this was going to be all on that material realm huh? Lol, I'm sure you did. But do you know all these play into your style of wear as well? The confidence builds from the inside out. Authentically anyway; if parts of you are still disenfranchised then what you have on only covers you, not compliment you.

So many of us hide behind labels that we can't fully grasp what fashion really is!

Yes I said it! A real fashion icon or fashionista can rocky anything, name brand or not. Because it's the CONFIDENCE & SELF LOVE that bleeds through their pours immensely! You can smell it through their t-shirt & jogging pants! Even in the most mundane of outfits, their presence is felt.

So before you go throwing on your all your designer labels, and bags, do a self checklist; a. Am I sure of myself? b. Do I love myself fully? c. Am I "fuck boy" free? Lol!

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Also, comment below with other "fashion tips" that you think will help us stay booji!


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