Emotional Maturity... What does this look like?

Woooo weeeee I never thought I'd be able to get to this point, EVER! But the experiences I've had from failed relationships actually helped. They shaped me to see things, accept things, grow through things and most of all learn from these things.

BoojiBEE Blog. Emotional Maturity.
It's so much beauty in controlling ourselves and mastering our emotions.

I'm able to now walk-away from people, places and things that no longer serve me, or grow me positively without me hating them or wishing them ill-will. And that's huge. Because sometimes our pain can turn into anger, and our anger into regrettable action.

At 36, I'm learning quickly that the people, places and things we encounter are just experiences. No matter if they are short or long lived, we do not own them. We must honor them as they are, rather it's moments of high energy or low toxicity. We can either transmute it or wallow in it depending on the "good" or "bad" impact it had in our lives.

Love, for one example, is an experience we have throughout our life's milestones. This can be through an intimate relationship, between siblings or other family members, or with our children or pets even. This vibration that brings us joy and dopamine is meant to remind us of our presence, and to energize us to get up and go, live, feel, be!

And when we lose it, or we feel it left us, we want to get sad or mad or regretful. When really, we need to be thankful for that experience. Think about it. These euphoric feelings are to be appreciated and taken into deep account because every day isn't filled with euphoria, or bliss and sunshine. So, we should learn to count the days where love is present as blessings.

For me personally, I am finding myself no longer mad at what left, but accepting of its passing and even if it wasn't all beautiful, a lesson was learned, or I had an "ah ha" moment that helped me gain clarity about myself or my environment, and that my friends is emotional maturity.

Being able to say "good-bye, I wish you love" is emotional maturity. Having the courage to step away from a situation that is not suitable for you is emotional maturity. Feeling like you want to kick someone's ass for playing you, yet you walk away with grace and dignity is emotional maturity. And we as emotional beings really need to master this level of being so we can protect our energy, our gifts, our happiness and our peace.

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