Do not die with your vision still in you! MOTIVATION 101.

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

The title of my blog actually came from a live video I seen on IG. And as I listened to the message of "SUPANOVA SLOM" it resonated with me so deeply, that I just began to write.

As soon as I tapped my IG icon, this was the first thing I seen in my feed. And the message was so refreshing. The thought of living a life where I couldn't be all the things I desire to be is scary. To go day to day with "I wish, I hope, I want", but never actually doing, frightens me more than anything. I couldn't imagine. Yet so many of you do.

I look around to see and witness so many creative, talented people who never tap into their higher selves and activate their powers to create the life they desire. To not do something because of complacency, fear, and procrastination is sad. Now I'll admit, we all have a bit of procrastination within our human nature, but some more than others.

BoojiBEE Blog image. Motivation for dreamers.
Ignite that which lives inside you. That inner child needs to be unleashed, to grow, to see and to be...

To be honest, everyday isn't a "happy go lucky, I know what I'm doing kind of day". A lot of days I deal with anxiety ( I'm working on completely letting go of fear & worry; if at all possible.) Other days I'm completely tuned in. Knowing exactly how my day is going to go and knowing exactly which tasks to tackle. And then some days, depression seeps in, and I begin to think about all the responsibility I have, that I don't begin anything. (I'm also working on this as well.) As a survivor (currently surviving) of deep, dark depression, I know that each day is a choice to be happy or not.

Each day we choose to live a life of creative enlightenment, to have hope for our future and with over standing our power to manifest.

Yet, so many of us are in auto pilot. Being repetitive in our choosing of not becoming more than who & what we are. Allowing our jobs, rather dead end or ladder building, to dictate if we step into our purpose or not. Not knocking anyone who works, my parents worked hard for years, still is. But why do we succumb to struggle with hourly pay? Or salary jobs that demand so much of us?

True, entrepreneurship or working for yourself requires you to go above and beyond normalcy... Whatever that is. But at least it's for your own vision , your family, your own happiness. This country was built on pursuers. People who believed they could, so they did.

So why not you?

Walk in your purpose. Bring to life those dreams you have and be bold in your choosing to LIVE!

Everybody ain't a business owner, but everyone is a creative!

Every single person born has their own footprint in this world. The cosmos lives in each and everyone of us, rather we choose to believe in higher sources or not. We all bring to the table a unique talent that the world needs. Your personality, your loyalty, your work ethic, your vision, your thoughts, your dna all have a purpose... You just have to believe that.

I don't think for one minute we were all designed to work, pay bills, get married, have debt and die! But that's what we have been taught to believe. That is the power of this matrix! ESCAPE, and do it now! Before you look up and your too old, too sick or too far from your goal's reach to do anything.

Do not die with your vision still inside of you!

Allow yourself the leisure to explore beyond your job, your relationship, your ties to groups, associations and religions. Stop limiting yourself and having this belief that "this is it". As I am writing this, I am getting excited because these words are so meaningful. They hold weight, even for me, because I need this pep talk too!

I need to realize that I am a co-creator with the universe of my life. I can actually, with the power of my mind, have everything I ever wanted and need based on my thoughts and daily productivity. More days than not, I am fierce, I am magic, I am worthy. So on those days I choose life, I choose freedom to be me and I choose to create a better existence for myself and my family.

And although the journey I chose isn't an easy one. I know it's worth the fight. Even on the days I feel defeated and my low vibrations (at the time) get the best of me. I cry, I vent, I dis believe, just for that moment. And then the next day, like the powerful GODDESS I am, I meditate, I create, I design, I work hard, I attract, I manifest... ALL THAT IS MINES!

Please, don't live in this realm without indulging in and unleashing your gifts. Give yourself a try, YOU DESERVE at least that!

Enjoyed this blog? Please HEART below and/or comment your struggles with stepping out into the world with your talents and creative gifts. Or, if you've already have, share some tips on how you stay motivated or motivate others to do the same.

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