Respect the ARTIST! Color ain't CHEAP!

This post is in respect to all the artist around the globe who stay passionate, hungry and pour major creative energy into their talents.

For me, pouring my all into my work is almost as natural as brushing my teeth in the morning. I do it by default. I do it with love & care. I do it because it’s my job as a licensed professional #cosmetologist.

But so many people lack respect for the craft of coloring and the time, energy and resources that goes into one color service. Especially if it’s a #fantasyhaircolor

To achieve bright, vibrant colors like the picture below, your stylist must first conduct a patch test to check for allergens, and if your not allergic to the product, then begin the lightening/bleaching and color process. Which can sometimes take more than one bowl of color and more than one sitting. Resulting in more time at the salon for the stylist and more money spent for the Client.

I know for me personally, when I went platinum, it took three sittings! Meaning, it took 3 applications of lightener to lift my hair to a level 10,11. Then I applied the actual #platinumhaircolor. That alone would have cost about $240 or more on any day in any salon! Getting this #pink #haircolor by #JOICO I mixed #hotpink and #softpink together. And that could also be a cost in itself.

I did two sittings of lightener and then applied the mixed pinks, creating two variations of color! Which I figured would happen being my top was #platinum from the beginning and I needed to lift my new growth after my #haircut.

This color process would have easily cost about $180 or more!

So I ask on behalf of all #haircolorists, please be respectful of our skill! Pay for the look and service you desire! Of course your going to do the research and find the perfect stylist or #salon in #Cincinnati or whatever city you reside in who can professionally & efficiently do the work! Why wouldn’t you?

But please don’t request specials or find ways to cut corners! Your hair is an investment and if you want that “look” it will cost you.

It’s not easy mixing formulas, maintaining sanitation practices, preserving the integrity of your hair, all while giving you a bomb ass #haircolor! Most products you can’t get if your not a licensed stylist! So respect the industry and more importantly, respect the #artist.

#Fantasycolors are the most sought after hair colors in 2018. So my advice to you as a consumer & Client, be prepared to pay a pretty penny for a beautiful finish. But also, word of mouth are the best recommendations. Ask around for licensed colorists, book with stylists who offer short, free color consultations and be ready to take a #patchtest as all licensed salons & stylists know this is important for new guests!

#Hair #RANT over! Lol!

If your a #licensedcosmetologist or some form of an #artisan who can relate to my #blog today in any way, please share with others! We need to spread this in hopes of changing the minds of #cheapy #hairclients!

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