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Updated: Nov 15, 2021

I did it family. I actually had the courage to send my children back to school.

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Jordan and Kennedy standing outside of the school they're attending. We had a tour scheduled a day before they started.

Trust me, this was not easy for me to do. As most of you know, I've been homeschooling my children using the K-12 online school program since our first shutdown. And I started the 2021-2022 school year out the same way.

However, I was feeling stretched thin, pressured and all over the place. I was doing the job of a village, and it started taking a huge toll on my wellbeing. I just opened Creative Culture Nails & Makeup LLC. about 3 months before school started. And here I am, shortly after being absent in the growth and future of my new business; due to being present in my children's "education".

It was a lot and demanding and I tried to be "that" for my children, my team, my family and my boyfriend. But gosh it was too much! Somethings had to give. And since being a "teacher mom" consumed much of my day to day, leaving only the weekends to maintain my home and build my empire, the way we did school had to shift!

Therefore, I decided to enroll them in school. "Regular school", where they can meet new friends, do projects, be social and somewhat "normalize" contact with other humans. We did the entire school year online last year. And 3 months this school year. I needed a switch up, for my mental sake.

So here we are, day 3 of school for them, day 3 of me re-learning my rising routine. Meditation, awake the kids, make breakfast, drop them off, and create! I miss these a.m.'s. The sun shining, chai tea hitting (tasting amazing), inspiration flowing and I'm ready to tackle my responsibilities with building into my businesses and myself. My oldest son Jacob still attends online school. He has been doing wonderful thus far with his grades, so we both agreed he's better online academically as of now. And he still get to play basketball for his old high school because we stay in the same school district.

At this time, I'm grateful and thankful for this "break". I'm soaking it all up and taking things day by day. The very demanding role of teacher mom was seriously taking a toll on me. Mainly because I'm a creative and my risings are for creating, I rebel against the norms of society and their idea of "work" and if I can't do what I want, I learn to resent the very thing I'm being forced to do. And that's no way to live!

With daily meditation and praying with my children, I'm letting go slowly my need to do everything and be everything at this specific time. I know that if push came to shove, I can be all things needed to be at any given chapter of life. I did it, and I can do it again. But at this level, my soul is calling for grace, peace, quantity, spiritual wellness, and financial overflow without stress, and taxing activities on the mind and body.

I am learning and applying to my life that I can have all things desired with ease. And with much focus on building my family and business I can have more success and create an abundance of opportunities for myself and others. My children can experience "life" outside of our home and we can all do our part as a unit to bring about love, positive change and tranquility.

Jordan and Kennedy and their step dad taking a pic after the tour ended. "It takes a village. And I'm super thankful for those who are apart of mine."

Don't think for one second the sicknesses and viruses created to destroy us doesn't cross my mind. The idea of putting my children in the hands of savages, hiding behind the school system, can be very frightening. But I can't let fear cause me stress, worry or power over my family's ability to live and thrive! So, I summon our ancestors who fiercely protects and guides us, to keep that same energy while my children are away. And that allows my mind to keep peace with my decision.

And if I ever need to snatch them up out the school building again, I wouldn't think twice.

BoojiBEE Blog
My star seeds...

With all that said, pivot how you must in order to survive at any moment... Don't be afraid to live life, face challenges and champion obstacles. Love and forgive, stay safe, but remain dangerous.

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