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I couldn't think of a better title when it came to this particular blog. With all the madness going on in my life. I had no choice but to call it like it is... #BORDERLINE!

Hotel room I stayed in while finding a place.
My hotel room number I stayed in while finding a place to stay... Which #333 in itself is magical!

I am so on the brink of something spectacular! I have to be. So much has taken place, my journey thus far could make the Lifetime movie network!

Now mind you, I just moved back from Atlanta in June. Well May 29, 2018 to be exact. I remember because it was my daughter's 3rd birthday, and we celebrated at my dad's house right after moving my stuff into a storage. And ever since my feet hit #Cincinnati grounds, I’ve been grinding NON- STOP!

Yet, it still wasn't enough.

Obviously I needed a place to stay, so I moved in with my uncle and his wife. Both my boys were with their dads most of the time during Summer, so me and Kennedy pretty much occupied the space. When school rolled around again, the gang was all back.

During these 6 months I have secured a salon, a corporate job I work part-time, and some traction as far as my brand/business... While battling co-parenting skills with non-consistent donors, cutting ties with certain individuals (family/ex friends/toxic humans), and suffering a miscarriage that took a huge toll on my entire being.

Still, with all these "moves", me and my children ended up homeless at a hotel.

Hotel memories with BoojiBEE
Saturday morning for us...

I won't get to deep into specifics, (because this is more for a Dr. Phil episode, than an #entrepreneur's #lifestyleblog), HOWEVER, I was asked to keep my end of a 6 month agreement made between my uncle, his wife and myself. The messages came through text (pictured below) and they weren't that pleasant either. But I responded, "I'll be out by then." And continued on with my work day with worry on my mind.

The 1st was literally 3 days away at this point and I had no clue as to where me and my kids were going to stay. I don't have many people I can lean on in times of need, which is why I was so grateful my uncle and his wife allowed me and my kids to stay there. Granted, I knew this day was coming, but I wasn't ready to go. I was actively looking and saving for a place, but wasn't having any luck.

How could they not see my efforts?

Was I not doing the right things?

Was it not enough of the right things?

Are they noticing I'm putting so much energy into my new salon, that I could've instead moved out of their house?

Is it my kids? Is it me?

I know we made an agreement, but your my uncle and my aunt, why would you put us out with nowhere to go? Or at least allow me a short extension, since I AM ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO STAY!

Nope! Nothing!

That next day my mom paid for us a room to stay. I was actually headed to my salon with my kids to go sleep, when I got a call from my mom who was pissed about the "keeping of the end of my bargain", and asked where I was. I told her, "headed to the salon to go bed."

It was late, I was tired, me and my kids had been up since 6 with school and work, I stopped and grabbed food; and we were ready to call it a day. She said she'd get us a room for a week, and to meet her there.

We did, and it wasn't the best. But it was better than sleeping on the floor of my salon!

The next few days were intense. I couldn't sleep, our fridge in our hotel room wasn't cold, I had to find time to tour potential places around my work schedule and servicing clients. I was mentally drained. But I was holding it together for my kids, while crying when they were sleep. I mean that's what super heroes do right? I had a cooker/hot skillet in the room, so I made breakfast and dinner. I ironed our clothes as I do every morning. We said our prayers every night before bed. Jordan had his art supplies, Kennedy her dolls and toys, Jacob with his basketball practice & games. Things were normal in a sense...

Breakfast anyone?
Making breakfast as I normally would helped my kids adjust temporarily.

We got the room Friday, November 30th, I signed the lease to my new town home Tuesday, December 4th!

I was on a major hunt for a comfortable home for me and my babies... I looked at 10 houses in 4 days! Came across a beautiful townhouse close to my boys school, in a nice neighborhood, with easy access to the highway. I applied for it, along with another lady, and received a text one day later that changed the dynamics of our living arrangements quickly! This text was major to me. I already felt the shift I had been meditating on. Finally, after 6 months of returning home, we have a place to call our own! We moved in Friday, December 7th!

Keys to my new home!
When you get approved, sign your lease and get the keys to your new town house :)

See how an extra week could've saved my kids the feelings or thoughts they had on our way to sleep inside my salon? See how an extra week could've saved $374 from being spent on a hotel room, and instead on items needed for the salon or moving expenses? Do you see how an extra week could've allowed me a peace of mind knowing that I'll be moving into my own place shortly thereafter?

Then again, looking at the cup half full, I needed to be uncomfortable in order to acquire the desired results.

I had a conversation with them in the process of me moving the rest of our belongings out of their house, and my aunt said something to me that struck a nerve; "me and your uncle love you Tash, it was a little tough love we were giving." Among other excuses they gave, the one I could have respected the most and expected to hear was, "we're just ready for you and your children to go."

Hmmmm. Generally speaking, tough love is typically given to those who are a little lazy, complacent, non-goal oriented, doesn't follow through, slacking in responsibilities, given the world on a silver platter... ( maybe even copper) and has a hard time growing up/being an adult. With me, that was so not the case. And they knew this, which is why in previous months my Uncle publicly shouted me out on Facebook, giving me props on how I came back to Cincinnati, hitting the ground running. In other words, "taking care of business since my feet hit the street." So why the quote on quote "tough love?"

I was inspired to share this story with you because I wanted to emphasize how important it is for us to keep pushing! Like FOR REAL! Regardless of all the interference, set backs and surprises, you need to keep in motion. I don't want your sympathy, or to have you angry at my aunt and uncle for holding up their end of the bargain better than me. I shared because this is real life for me and others. Maintaining yourself and your family, staying sane through tough times while holding on to your dreams and achieving your goals.

I know that I want my business to grow, I know I want to create wealth for my family and I know the road I chose wasn't easy, and I know "life" can get in the way if you let it. Through my continued journey, my spirituality keeps me... Honestly... My faith, my connection with the universe, and the guidance and love poured from my ancestors keep me! I wanted to throw in the towel at least 50 times since being back in Ohio. I wanted so bad to have my salon grand opening and be open before November.

But "life" happens. And I know this isn't my last hurdle.

BoojiBEE Cincinnati Salon & Mobile Beauty
Inside the salon, I created my own floating wood shelves.

I was borderline ready to just say "FUCK EVERYTHING!" And I'm sure I'll feel this way one million more times, until I reach that level of success I demand for myself and my business. It's been a real struggle guys. The roller coaster that take us on a ride are sometimes unseen, but we must strap our seat belts, and stay the course.

Stay down, until you come up!

BoojiBEE Glow
The "glow" you have with passion, purpose and a plan!

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