The main benefits of a Wig.

I'm sure your thinking, well duh, you don't have to get up and comb your hair everyday. And although that's true, that reason alone doesn't scratch the surface.

Lace closure wig by BoojiBEE.
Prepping a lace closure.

A #wig, for decades, have been worn for several amazing reasons! I'm going to touch on 3 major ones I know we all can agree on.

1. Your looking for a style that's less time consuming, stylish and appears more real.

#Laceclosures and #lacefrontals have become so popular and are the most sought after #hairstyles of our time! These types of #wigs provide an illusion that the hair is coming right out of your scalp. Depending on the quality of the #lace, consequently affects the results of the final look.

Not only can these types of #hairreplacement or #protectivestyles be created into a wig, you can also get a #laceclosuresewin and #lacefrontsewin or either one in a #quickweave.

The price varies between #licensedstylists, their experience and technique used.

Lace Front Wig by BoojiBEE
Blonde lace closure bonded wig. This beauty was purchased instantly.

2. Wigs are less expensive... In the long run.

A quality wig can last you forever! Literally. With special care, and regular shampoos, deep conditioning and little to no extra heavy, or "alcoholic" products, you can rock your human hair wig time after time. Which in turns, save you money on weekly/bi weekly hair appointments and #hairextension purchases.

Annnnnnnnnnd, if you get somebody like me to design your #customwigunit, you get 1 year #FREE maintenance. That alone is a valuable #boojiBEE investment. Amazing hair isn't cheap, and cheap hair costs too much!

Let that sink in...

Full wig by BoojiBEE!
One of my favorite full wigs! I love the layered bangs!

3. "I like different looks often."

Sooooo many times have I heard this and agree with this reason. I love switching up my hair styles and #haircolor often. Wearing wigs that I can easily remove allows me, and you, to enjoy versatility, improve our confidence and look booji all in one!

Could you imagine us constantly coloring our hair? Curling our hair? Or braiding our hair? Can you say DAMAGE? Especially if your real hair is in it's #natural state or your a newbie enjoying a #naturalhair journey. We avoid all of the unhealthy hair habits by wearing protective styles like a wig.

With wigs it's really no way of damaging your hair. Nightly removal allows for your natural hair to rest, "breathe", and just grow. With some #tlc of course.

Full red wig by BoojiBEE.
This full red wig was the BOMB period! Okurrrr!

Whatever reason for your wearing a wig, a million other women can relate! Wigs are not for "old lady's" anymore. Today, in my time, wigs are created equal. Lol. Seriously.

You want a new #haircolour? A wig.

You want to go shorter or longer? A wig.

#Hairloss or #HairRestoration treatment? Wig, wig, wig!

Ladies you want a man? Get you a wig! Lol! (JOKING!) Juuuuuuust joking.

Anywho, would like to schedule a free #wigconsultaion in person or via online? Book your appt today! Trust me, what you invest in your #hair now will reward you later and help you keep some coins in your pocketbook.

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