BEE-ing Mindful, Intentional and On Purpose!

Whew! The title alone is heavy, so let me break this down...

To be mindful is to be present. To be in a state of flow yet recognizing what's happening, why it's happening and the benefits of it. It's to open yourself up to what's current while taking stock of your surroundings, present situation, and vibrations that are emanating through you and your environment. Being mindful is cognizance and awareness. Something we can easily not do when we're "living life."

Auto-pilot mode is harmful to intention!

What do I mean? Well think about it for a sec. If your so use to getting up and going, stopping by your favorite coffee shop to grab your favorite bagel and hot drink, tuning into your favorite morning radio show for your favorite daily dose of trash, you're not really being intentional. This is what you do daily. This is your routine, your habit.

None of it really benefits YOU!

Start taking inventory of your risings. What are you feeding your mind and body? Then consider creating healthier ways to engage yourself intentionally & on purpose. Now I like my coffee don't get me wrong, but after the coffee is what we should focus on. Are you taking a moment to smell the coffee? Taste the coffee? Really indulge in the moment as you slowly sip your coffee? Or are you chugging it down as you speed race through traffic?

Intentions start with how you view yourself presently and futuristically.

It's the seed you plant and water daily with actions conducive to you growing. By purposely awakening with the power to create your world in mind. The people, things and places you visit and bring into your life should reflect who you are and who you will become. It's a way to exist strategically with purpose and vision.

Easier said than done, but the fact remains, IT CAN BE DONE!

No matter if you're an entrepreneur with children like me, or you work a corporate job, or you're a student; life gets crazy demanding and can get in the way of YOUR QUALITY OF EXISITING. However, if you simply utilize being mindful and act on purpose with intention to do great things, great things will happen.

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