A Moment of Reflection

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Friends who sincerely love & wish the best for you will hold a mirror to help you see YOU. Meaning, they will read you, remind you & re-evaluate you for you. And from time to time, we need that.

Tonight I had a conversation with a friend, and what he said to me literally brought me to tears. And it’s not that he was being rude or mean, he was simply being real.

Too often we abuse our “freedom”. Freedom to be nice or mean, to be reserve or sexist, to be quiet or opinionated, to be happy or to be miserable, to be whatever we be or put out to be without considering consequences.

And like my friend said, “it’s consequences for everything!”

I've become so engulfed in my mental liberation & overall spiritual growth, that I abuse that power. Doing & saying what I please without thought of consequence. Rather physical or spiritual, positive or negative, a consequence follows.

I am quickly learning to convey certain sides of me to a select and depending on the “audience” depends on my “branding”...

“You can’t share everything with everybody”.

And although that’s common sense, its easy to subconsciously reject what’s known and go with the flow. Unfortunately.

But see that‘s where friends come in at.

Friends are your ”reflection”.

Hence, “birds of a feather flock together”. Because generally, you are who you hang around. And being he cares about me, he talks to me, we’ve shared special moments, he tells me when I'm slipping, tripping, lacking, doing good, possessing happiness, when I’m looking sexy, when I’m being rude, or ugly.

He wants greatness out of me because he wants greatness out of himself.

To have friends that can un-apologetically speak their minds to you without you feeling put down or let down is golden. Because the mouth and heart for which it came, was pure in it's intent.

My reflections constantly challenge me to let go of what was and become what is. To level up immensely and allow for change to happen.

Do you have friends who give loving reflections?

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