7 months later...

Hi honey's! (in my most hyper-active voice ever)! How have you guys been? A lot of time has passed since I last wrote; 7 months to be exact. What the hell's been up?

Natasha, serial entrepreneur.
Natasha, inside Creative Culture Nails and Makeup LLC.

I know so much in our personal lives has changed and been rearranged, but how are you all handling the "new ways of living?" Since Covid, I've managed to pivot professionally. I opened up another salon, Creative Culture Nails & Makeup LLC. , I started another organic skincare line, and I'm in the beginning of my 2nd year of online school with my children.

And it has not been easy! But you know me, especially if you've been down with me for a while, I don't give in or give up that easily.

My new salon is based in Groesbeck, Ohio and is about 1500 sq. ft. & houses 6 nail tech stations, 2 makeup stations, two pedicure stations and a private space for a licensed esthetician or mink lash artist. I have a retail area showcasing items I designed, as well as Creative Culture's own skincare brand.

I also display well crafted items made by local Cincinnati artisans free of charge. So if you or anyone you know makes incredible art work, or things of sorts, please pass the word. I allow you free retail space! *super sweet I know*

The goal behind my latest business venture, "Creative Culture Cincy" is to highlight the nails and makeup talents by women of color. While of course servicing everyone regardless of their background, we, the brown & black nail technicians and makeup artists', get to show off our skills and talents. Passionately servicing women and men from all over Cincinnati... Even folks visiting from out of town.

And this is why I've been pretty much mute for many months...

Natasha, serial entrepreneur and owner of BoojiBEE LLC
I love dreaming, then bringing those dreams to life.

I didn't open up my new salon to the public until June of this year, but March, April and May and even June, I spent a lot of time preparing the new business. Designing the website, filing for different licenses, building a social media presence and so on and so fourth. I was engulfed in bringing my vision into a reality.

And although physically the salon is "built". It's still quiet a bit of work to put in constantly, but that's for another post.

What I'm inclined to do now, is get back to the basics. WRITING! Writing is healing and therapeutic for me. And being I had an audience here, who actually took the time to read an engage with my blogs, the personal and the professional ones, I'd like to get back to communicating in that way. I love sharing my journey, my thoughts, my rants, my praises, my glory and my hells if you will!

It's a healthy outlet and I find myself inspiring other folks in some small or huge way.

What I'm thinking of delving into next honestly, is a podcast show with my friend. We are thinking of creating a platform that introduces "mom/work-life" from 2 different ethnic backgrounds. Sharing in our pains and passions. Offering advice from things we've experienced, but also a little bit of "bad-assness" to navigate through a lot of fuckery happening all around us...

So yeah, I'll be working as usual, lol. Be expecting more blog content from ya' girl, new merch dropping in my shop (and maybe some more handcrafted necklaces) as well as a new website look coming soon.

But BEE patient, as you know I'll be doing this all on my own... In the meantime and in between time, click the Heart icon in the bottom corner, subscribe to my blogs (or website)

if you haven't done so already and stay booji!

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