3 Ways to Love Yourself.

It sounds so cliche, "love yourself". But doing so can create a tremendous positive shift in your life. Self care, self acceptance, self motivation and self realization are all examples of loving thyself!

In this blog, I'm going to briefly touch on three examples of self love, that I personally show to myself.

1. Cultivate a space to thrive in your personal & professional life.

I know, some of you may be working with a limited amount of space. But even the smallest of spaces can serve as reminders and reflections of inspiration, creativity and passion. For example, I turned my bedroom into a 3rd work space sort of speak. Here, I put up a table that has been sitting up against the wall in my basement for sometime now. Designed my own back drop out of a curtain, white Christmas lights (from off my 2020 Christmas tree) and added some fictitious vines (for whatever reason, but they worked lol).

And, let's not forget I put together an ancestor altar in one of the corners of my bedroom.

So not only do I get great rest & relaxation in this room, I also meditate, and do my shadow work; as well as, create content for my website, blog and other business/brand related stuff.

My basement is also a working space (where I heat press & store my merch), my children‘s school space (yes, my mom & I created a whole school room), and my gym (my dad let me have his weights & bench).

I try to really make the best out of my living space, with whom I share with 3 other humans. My children! The video below gives you a sneak peek into the “work/creative” space in my bedroom. And you can use this idea all you want honey!

2. Stop neglecting yourself by not buying YOU something!

I get it, money is tight. Yes, and for a lot of us, we're choosing to cut back in some form or fashion. But please don't cut back on what you need to feel good. Or even if you haven't started buying/doing things for yourself, START TODAY and thank me later!

I picked up a beautiful habit of buying fresh flowers weekly for myself to place in my kitchen. This started back in July of 2020, right in the middle of the pandemic. Now I've brought it all the way into the bedroom, where I have to have some gorgeous flowers greeting me every rising. Smiling at me when I open my eyes. It surely feels like love. And don't let the sun be shining, honey please... I feel so dam cared for and adored.

Although it's just flowers, to me it's the act of self kindness, and pure intention to love myself and mind my well being. Below are just a few pics of real, fresh flowers I've purchased. The pink & yellow ones I got today, and placed the yellow roses on my kitchen table and the pink roses in my bedroom on my table next to my bed.

Whenever I do get a husband, he will know how important bringing me fresh flowers will be! And with my children seeing me practice this, I’m hoping they will carry on this tradition. Along with my scented candle obsession, which is another one of my #selflove acts...

And thirdly, please exercise honey!

Walking, running or weight training, EXERCISE/WORKING OUT is a huge reflection of just how much you love yourself! Now please, don't take it as if I'm saying "you don't love yourself if you don't workout", but come on, if we‘re being transparent, it's levels to this. You couldn't possibly care about yourself that much if you don't spend time strengthening your body, & your heart; which is where love resides.

This goes for me too! Since Winter season I haven't been killing it how I normally would and should. It's colder, and all I want to do is stay snuggled in bed. But even after a few days of not igniting mobility and movement I'm feeling way stressed! So I will go run a couple miles or 3 to release any unwanted thoughts and feelings. I also drink my detox tea daily, along with taking supplements and herbs. All of which aids in the overall health of my mind and body. So even when I'm not running 15-20 miles weekly, I'm getting in at least 3-9 miles ( way less than what I am use to) and ingesting my daily herbs.

When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good! Taking care of yourself is priority. And most times, it takes being selfish.

BoojiBEE Self Love Blog
Post workout selfie. After a long hard day of homeschooling /online schooling with my 3 children.

I know my children hate it when I close them out of my room, light my candles & frankincense & play my meditation music or meditate with the ear plugs in my ear. I know friends, family and associates of my mine can't stand when I don't answer my phone for periods at a time, because I just want to be left alone in my zone.

But I need it. I come first. My mental, spiritual and emotional health comes first.

And sometimes I'm online (social media) and it tells you "I'm online" but that still doesn't mean I'm available. I work online (posting content for my brand, researching idea's, or watching tutorials or classes), so yes you will see a green dot next to my avatar. But still, it's MY TIME and I aim to spend it wisely.

In all, be mindful of showing your levels of self love, self care, self motivation and self realization.

Because we all need it more now than ever!

Thanks for reading my latest #blog! If this helped you, or resonates with or for you or someone you know, please share & "heart it" below. Feel free to leave a comment on how you love on yourself and maintain your overall wellness. And BEE sure to subscribe for more posts like this one. GETSTUNG!

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