2020 destroyed my ego, sparked my healing journey & shaped my business moving forward!

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Covid came, BoojiBEE Salon closed it's physical location, my children were home from school & I think I smoked a quarter of weed every week, for a few months after that. Lol!

BoojiBEE Salon closes due to covid.
BoojiBEE, a westside salon, and a great accomplishment for me!

But during this time, somehow it led to me to dig deeper. To go within myself and figure me out. It wasn't all bad, I wasn't all sad and the "new normal" hit, but I adjusted.

I think.

So many thoughts about why things were happening the way they were. At first, when the Governor of Ohio shut all the salons, barbershops and pretty much every small business down, I felt personally attacked. I mean, the liquor stores were open, how are they seen as essential and not us? We make people smile and feel good too.

But as the days went on, and while I was home with my children more, something clicked. I no longer played victim. I was no longer needing an explanation. I took matters into my own hands, and began getting deeper into my fitness and spirituality.

BoojiBEE salon after covid strikes.
Yoga stretching after a serious 3 mile run.

2020 propelled me forward fast! I shed my ego ( still shedding), the tarot became a healing tool for me again and I bought plants! Lol. I'm a freaking plant mom to 5 beautiful plant babies and they are still surviving! I turned my basement into a school room for my children, and made the other half a small gym/fitness area. I'm actually a teacher mom to a kindergartner, 4th grader & somewhat to my 10th grader.

Talk about patience???? OMG, try teaching a kindergartner how to read, lol!

I left wigs alone and began my natural hair, loc journey. I started making merchandise for my brand and got into crafting; making handmade jewelry again! really working to manifest the life I want using the talents I have. And I can see it coming to fruition. I vlogged more, journaled more, meditated more, cooked more, sat still and thought things through more!

I discover I wanted more!

BoojIBEE sparked new business ideas during covid pandemic.
Posing for a selfie in my "boojiBEE Merch' crop sweatshirt!

This year illuminated things I needed to work on, let go, forgive, forget and just let be. I left men friends alone who didn't add to the "higher me". I bought the book "Sacred Woman" by Queen Afua which placed my "inner healing" work as high priority; as my womb needed undivided attention! I prayed more and built an alter for my ancestors. Really addressing the issues from my childhood and past relationships with the fathers of my children.

I am even healing from my parents, and mending brokenness within that area of my life.

As for my children, I'm making efforts to speak to them with love more, & less anger, less impatience, with more hugs, more inner-standing and more of me really listening to them!

And oh is it challenging... Changing my tongue is CHAAAALLLLLLENNNNNNGING! But it's being done... It will be done.

And can you actually believe I was able to pay all my bills through all of this? Can you believe I met more new clients, and made more money traveling doing nails & makeup than I ever did inside my salon? Like this year was so good to me and for me. I never seen my business booming this way. I never imagined my healing beginning this way. I never thought I could repair co-parenting relationships, which are in progress.

And most of all, who knew I'd stop blaming my parents for my mishaps and really start taking accountability along with responsibility?


And I bought a gun, got my ccw, and will still pop me a m*************** lol! GODDESS like and all!

BoojiBEE during quarantine.
This is a depiction of me... I find myself in this very calm, meditative state a lot more now.

I questioned, I cried, I feared, but I never gave up, and I conquered! And if I had to do 2020 all over again, I would do it ALL OVER AGAIN!

If I could tell the year 2020 how I felt in closing, I would say "bitch you a tough cookie, but I come from a higher power and I'm closely connected to higher beings, in higher timelines. My faith, my power, the shadow work I put in, along with the divine order of things will never let me go in vein. So I will always triumph in every ending to begin a newer beginning"...

2020 wrote the vision, 2021 will execute it! Happy New Year (Gregorian Calendar) to all of you. I pray you all go within and push through, always.

Love, light, peace and blessings! GETSTUNG!

Heart & comment below if you had to take a second breathe to complete this year's cycle. And share this please...

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